ChatMatic Review – The Underdog In Facebook Messenger Apps for Businesses

Have you ever wanted to improve your business’s performance? Are you looking for something next generation and so effective that it will take your online presence to the next level?

Travis Stephenson’s Chatmatic is an interesting idea which is essentially a social media tool to help you gain more leads. 

The messenger bot platform he has created is a potentially effective way to interact with future customers by attracting them to your sales funnel.

ChatMatic 2.0 Review

What exactly is Chatmatic?

Chatmatic is the creation of Travis Stephenson and is a software product that aims to alter the way we attract traffic and gain leads to expand online businesses.

How exactly can you use this?

Chatmatic is basically an automated chatbot to use on Facebook messenger, Shopify or your website in order to interact with potential customers. It strives to achieve 3 things: engage with your prospects, communicate with them to address their interests, and monetize them through the use of sales funnels. 

It is a completely automated process which allows you to interact with potential clients in an intelligent way without being personally present on the webpage. 

It works for each post or Ad that you run on Facebook by messaging anyone who shares, comments or likes your post. It appears to be an effective way to get your products noticed and interact with potential clients. 


Who is Travis Stephenson?

Travis Stephenson is the CEO of Chatmatic, a software entrepreneur and an online marketing specialist. He has made over $1,000,000 marketing his products using ClickFunnels and Kartra.

He is a specialist in social media marketing and has taken advantage of the opportunity presented by Facebook Messenger to create an automated chatbot called Chatmatic.

Automated FB Messenger Marketing Platform for Businesses 

A Review of the Pros and Cons of Chatmatic

In order for us to gain a greater understanding of what Chatmatic can offer us, I wish to run through the positives and negatives. First up, the pros.


  •  The response from Chatmatic goes directly into a potential customer’s personal inbox, so you don’t need to be concerned that it will get lost in a message request section. With the rise of fake news and other modern issues, many people are reluctant to click a link in Facebook but will be far more likely to click a message in their inbox.
  • The message you send by auto-response is fully customizable, which allows you to have full control over what you wish to convey to the potential customer. Many other autoresponder chatbots send generic and boring responses which do not attract much good feedback.
  •  There are no “upgrade” fees or “pro” accounts for Chatmatic, so there is no need to fear being bombarded with requests for further payments. There is only a one-time fee that gives you full access to the software and the members’ private Facebook group.
  •  There is a full 30-day money-back guarantee offered. If for whatever reason you decide that Chatmatic is not suitable for you, a credible no questions asked refund is offered if you simply inform them via email. This helped alleviate the doubts I had about paying for this software and it takes the stress out of trying the product.

We have seen that there are many positives associated with Chatmaticand it clearly has great potential, but we should also look at some of the negatives.


  •  The support from Travis could be better. For example, he is not a huge fan of answering emails! However, you just need to be patient and there is usually someone in the private Facebook group who is happy to answer any questions that you may have. Travis himself will often chime in within the Faceook group. Additionally, a lot of common questions have been discussed previously in the group.
  • I paid $1,497 for this product which is a lot of money to find for many people, particularly those who are just starting out with their online business. Currently, the price is considerably less than this. It is worth checking for any promotions or special payment terms which may be offered from time to time. There are also split-pay options if you don’t want to invest in everything up front.
  •  Facebook takes an extremely negative view towards you spamming customers, so you will need to use Chatmatic intelligently.  
  •  Not all online businesses are suitable to use chatbots. If the information you need to share is very technical or you have thousands of products there may just be too much data to incorporate for the chatbot to work effectively. You may instead want to consider using the bot to showcase a few products based on how the user interacts with the bot. Travis covers these methods in his extensive training videos. 


Will Chatmatic change your business?

Chatmatic is software that can prove to be useful, even in the short term.

It has the potential to help increase the number of leads you receive and as long as the rest of your business is set up well, this might be very good news indeed for your overall sales. You can address cart abandonment actions in your Shopify store, you can offer coupons, and you can even build your list by collecting emails throughout the year. This allows you to send out a broadcast message on special holidays like Black Friday or Prime Day to entice users to shop at your store or online storefront for your business. 

So while it is not a complete solution to growing your business, it certainly has some potential to help.

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Opinions about Chatmatic vs Many Chat

There is a significant investment in time and money when tackling a new business endeavor. If you are signing up for a business course or tool such as Chatmatic, it is important that you make the right choice the first time. In my opinion there is a lot to be learned from reading a cross selection of views before parting with your money. 

Before undertaking this course I read a lot on Facebook, message boards and other review sites. Some of the information was useful and some people just seemed to be pushing their affiliate product. I found a lot of useful and honest opinions on Quora, and if you look on Facebook you can find other’s opinions about the platform.

Although I have given you my honest review and came to a fairly positive conclusion to Chatmatic, other people may have had a different impression.

The training in Chatmatic is better than what’s offered in other products like Many Chat. I’ve used both and there is really no comparison when it comes to Travis’ training versus what is offered by others. Travis holds weekly sessions (formerly called Travis Class Weekly Pass) which is an hour session covering relevant topics related to messenger bot marketing. This type of weekly interaction isn’t really available anywhere else, and by having this type of access to Travis you can really learn new and imaginative ways to build out messenger bots for your business and even for promoting affiliate offers. You can even build bots for other’s businesses and start your own chatbot marketing agency, where you can charge an upfront fee for building the bot and then a recurring monthly fee to make tweaks to the bot based on the requests of your clients. 

Additional Thoughts

There are a lot of comparisons to make in this facebook chatbot space. Chatmatic vs Manychat, Manychat vs Chatfuel, other chatbot software vs chatfuel, manychat vs…the list goes on. There are a lot of similarities between the different platforms like promotional broadcast, working with fb ads, integrating audio video, and using quick replies. There’s always the question of whether bots are artificial intelligence or not (they’re not), what’s the most popular chatbot platform (the most popular isn’t the best), and is the messenger platform I chose the right one for me. With Manychat specifically people want to know what manychat provides in terms of features, what are manychat integrations, and what how does one increase their manychat users.

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I do think that Travis Stephenson’s Chatmatic is a a useful bit of software that could help increase feedback from potential clients and lead to an overall decrease in advertising costs.

However, the software indeed requires a significant investment upfront. It is for you to judge whether the real benefit it provides with people who show interest in your products justifies the cost. If used correctly, the return you will receive on your investment will far outweigh the cost of the product. 

I did like the fact that there are plenty of free videos from  Travis Stephenson on his YouTube channel to give you an impression of his products before you part with your money.

If you’re interested in knowing more, a series of 4 videos is freely available. Whether you already run a business or you’re looking for a new idea, you’ll learn why Messenger has near limitless potential and the automations allow you to work less but achieve more.