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The Little League Softball World Series is already boosting the local economy

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – The Little League World Series kicked off on Wednesday. While the girls were busy playing the games, some local shops got a bit busier too.

“Any economic event that can bring pedestrian traffic to the area is definitely required and welcome,” said Andrew Kirchner, owner of Blackened Kraken.

Kirchner witnessed some of this influx in his restaurant.

Players and fans travel from the USA to Greenville for the Little League Softball World Series

“In the last few days we have noticed that it is picking up,” said Kirchner.

The tournament should generate over $ 850,000 in revenue for the city.

“Greenville is really unique to these people,” said Meredith Dzeko, general manager of Uptown Greenville. “You have traditionally been on the west coast of Washington state, so we now welcome you to the east with a very big welcome.”

The Little League Softball World Series begins on Wednesday at Elm Street Park

Dzeko said the Little Leaguers and their families will be busy in town.

“The games are played all day long, so there are opportunities for them at any time of the day,” she said. “There are several places to shop, grab Greenville gear.”

There are more people who need hotels this week. Erick Williams with the Fairfield Inn and Suites is hosting the teams.

“We’re pretty full house every day this week and next,” said Williams. “It’s a definite plus for the area, for us as a company and as a hotel.”

Sup Dogs owner Bret Oliverio said events like this one bring even more life to Greenville.

“Every time there’s an event in town, especially one through ESPN, it brings a little different vibe, more action, and more energy to downtown Greenville, so I’m excited,” said Oliverio.

While business owners enjoy the increased revenue, they also enjoy celebrating the gamblers.

“It is a great achievement for these girls to reach this level,” said Kirchner. “We’re only there for your family and friends to celebrate this achievement.”

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