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Simple Ways to Save on a Tight Budget

Even if we deny it, reality doesn’t change, and the truth is; only a few of us have $1000 in our saving accounts to help us in case of an emergency. However, saving is not an easy task by any means, especially if you have a single source of income or surviving on paychecks.

Internet is full of articles claiming that making $3000 a month is a piece of cake if you do this or that, but the reality is not that simple. If you are struggling with your expenses or worried about your savings, here is how you can start saving.

Start small

Great things start with small steps, and the same goes for saving plans. Here are some quick tips:

Use a piggy bank

Piggy banks are just like saving plans, which are usually associated with kids, but they are not prohibited for adults, are they? You can put the change or small bills in your piggy bank and use it when you need it. But, the most challenging thing in this process is to control yourself. Keep this piggy bank in a spot where it keeps reminding you, “feed me.”

The temptation to break your piggy bank is always powerful. One way to keep it under control is by setting an “opening date.” For example, if you need some extra bucks in the future, start feeding your piggy bank accordingly and don’t open it until the defined date. Then, when the predefined date comes, open your “magic box,” and you will get some” handy money.”

Make use of your kitchen.

It’s agreeable that buying ready-to-use food is often tempting, but even those “$5” can prove to be heavy on pocket. If you are not that good at cooking, you can still enjoy tasty meals than eating out. You just have to be smart while shopping.

Apart from that, there are many other effective ways which can help you save money. For instance, you can use a streaming service rather than using the cable. Moreover, you can avoid unnecessary purchases. That said, if you already have three pairs of sneakers, why would you want to buy the fourth?

Buy gift cards from gift card discounters.

Gifts cards are considered a necessity rather than an option, but you can buy gift cards at reasonably low prices, and you can do that by buying from gift card discounters. For instance, several websites such as Gift Card Granny can find gift cards at very low prices.

People often sell their “unwanted” gift cards to these platforms, and you can get a handsome discount (up to 30%) on these platforms. Of course, they have their profits, but when they are overloaded, they run a sale, and you get your desired result. You just have to set up “alert messages,” and they will inform you about the fresh stock as soon as it arrives or if they are running a sale. Just be quick while buying from these platforms because sales don’t last long.

You can also save more money while ordering online by purchasing an e-gift card, and you can use it right away, isn’t that sweet?