Marketing Nationally And Locally Simultaneously – Which Techniques Work For Both

There are some unique situations where a company can market both locally and nationally for competitive services.  One such industry is managed IT services where a company can handle customers from all over the county as well as locally; and this is especially true in high-tech regions where nearby cities have growing needs for quality service providers.

Here is an example of a managed IT service in Dallas and North Texas.  While the owner has local marketing going already, he also needed national marketing.  Most of the marketing is done online, with some extra offline marketing being done in the North Texas cities of Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney and nearby cities like Richardson and Addison.

The question is what marketing methods can work for both local and national exposure simultaneously.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Optimizing his local website pages to rank nationally for the root keyword, in this case keywords like “managed IT services”, “IT outsourcing companies”, etc.
  • Online press releases can target both national and local prospective clients simultaneously
  • YouTube videos optimized for the root keyword (nationally) plus additional local optimization.  This is especially true if the video’s content is quality, offers some form of “value” or “benefit” to the end user, and is not specific to any local market — meaning it has value to viewers across the country
  • Free resources, guides, scans, and other online marketing tools which attract first-time prospective clients to his website
  • Endorsements and testimonials from a wide range of people around the country, especially those known to the prospective clients
  • LinkedIn company pages can provide helpful tips, resources, updates, etc. while still being optimized for local keywords as well as the root keywords (meaning targeting nationally)
  • Helpful posts on forums being read by prospective clients, if the company’s forum profile has local optimization elements, can help attract new clients both locally and nationally
    • The same applies to white papers and case studies


These are just a handful of online marketing techniques which can be used simultaneously to attract new clients from the local community as well as the national audience.  For additional ways to attract clients online then you are welcome to go here.