Using YouTube Playlists To Help Generate More Business

YouTube playlists are an underutilized digital asset for which businesses of any size can leverage to increase revenues and profits.  The flexibility offered by playlists is terrific, and here are some real-world examples:

  • Optimize a playlist for a desired SEO keyword and, once the playlist gets traffic (views), it can rank well in YouTube for that keyword.
  • If the SEO-optimized playlist gets a lot of traffic and links from authoritative third-parties pointing to the playlist URL, then it is possible that the playlist could rank on its own in Google.  This is especially true if the playlist’s description is well-optimized and if the playlist has at least 50% of its videos from other channels besides the business’ own YouTube channel.  “Playing nice” in the community has its rewards in this case.
  • You can aggregate favorable videos reviews of a location (like a restaurant), optimize them in a playlist, and then generate a QR code for that playlist.  The person at the location, such as a restaurant patron sitting at the table, could scan the QR code (instead of typing in the long, ugly-looking YouTube playlist URL/link) and watch the favorable videos.  The person’s view on a smart phone at the desired location (e.g. at the restaurant) then also helps local SEO efforts.
  • Playlists can be embedded inside news articles like these two playlists in a single post on a Texas-related news site (click here).
  • You can share playlists on most social media platforms (other than Instagram at this time – except in the profile description), and those posts/tweets even can be promoted via paid advertising to desired audiences.
  • You can link to your playlist in most comments underneath other YouTube videos.  Targeting specific videos, and leaving a link to the playlist, often can generate first-time awareness of a business.
  • When you embed someone else’s video in your company’s playlist, if the inclusion is favorable, then you are sending traffic (views) to someone else’s channel.  They may be flattered and discover more about your business for the first time.  Should the experience be favorable to that person(s) then he/she/they may share more about your business on other social media channels.
  • You can send a playlist via email.
  • Watching a playlist on your company’s channel increases the channel’s favorable analytics and traffic information.  This can affect your other video efforts positively, albeit more of an indirect manner.
  • You can link to playlists from web 2.0 properties and even Google custom My Maps – depending on whether such a playlist link/URL is relevant to the blog or Map.
  • Playlists with carefully chosen videos, such as a trusted celebrity endorsing a product you are selling (for example), can help increase conversion rates.

Furthermore, unlike a video uploaded to YouTube, the playlists are not “static”.  This means you can add or subtract videos from the playlist without affecting the link (URL) to the playlist…. thus not affecting QR codes or other such ways to access the playlist from non-YouTube starting points.

There are so many ways to use playlists, but the strategy has to be mapped out properly ahead of time.  Then a good online marketing professional can help you achieve what you would like to see happen so that you increase the odds of the playlist helping with overall profitability or other financial/balance sheet figures.