City-Specific YouTube Playlists And How They Can Rank In Search Engines

Very few people take the time to do “local SEO” by using pre-existing content such as relevant videos in YouTube playlists, with each playlist optimized for the desired geographic area.  On this page we will take a look at two different companies who each have an optimized playlist for the same city; but each company has two completely different reasons for geographic-specific playlists.

The first is a company which sells an approved (by the State of Texas) online drivers education course.  In this case, someone between the ages of 18 to 24 in Texas needs to take a six-hour class before getting one’s learner’s permit; and that is required before getting one’s drivers license.  In the real world, when someone turns 18 in Texas and doesn’t know that he/she needs to take the State-mandated course, then that person may go to the search engines and search “adult drivers education near me” or “six hour driving course CITY Texas”.

This company has made several city-specific playlists for each high-population city in Texas (click here for its playlists), and we will show you the example of the city of Allen Texas below:

This playlist has 7 videos from its own YouTube channel plus 6 relevant videos about driving in/around/to/from Allen Texas.  This builds the “relevance” sought by YouTube and Google, and it also adds “value” to the viewer who decides to watch all of the videos.  This is because someone seeking to obtain a drivers license who lives/works in the Allen Texas area might find driving videos of that city to be of interest.

This client serves all 254 counties in Texas and the near-2800 towns/cities in the State.  Allen Texas’ population is above 100,000 (at the time of this post) and it has one of the largest high schools in Texas (with lots of students turning 18 years old without a drivers license) – so it makes sense to create a playlist to add value to this audience.


By contrast, a local sprinkler and irrigation repair company serves the same county as Allen Texas (Collin County Texas).  Allen has a high number of higher-priced homes where landscaping is a priority for the city’s residents.  Often the sprinkler heads, sprinkler lines, timers/valves and other lawn irrigation equipment breaks.  This client has city-specific playlists just for Collin County (click here), and his Allen Texas-specific playlist can be seen below:

This playlist has videos from his current YouTube channel as well as videos from:

  • a previous YouTube channel
  • a water quality meeting video from the City of Allen’s official YouTube channel (good for relevance and authority in terms of SEO)
  • authoritative videos showing how difficult it is to install irrigation/sprinkler equipment, thus giving a viewer more reason to call the local business for help with installation and/or repairs
  • videos from national sources on how to design a sprinkler system (doesn’t compete with his local business + adds more relevance/authority to the playlist & his overall YouTube channel)
  • a video about how to inspect a sprinkler system, thus reminding the local Allen Texas viewer to contact the local business for inspections and/or repairs


Both companies’ respective playlists also have robust descriptions, include phone numbers, and include links to the relevant pages on their respective websites for more information.


So what can be done with these playlists?

Any/all of the following can be done to increase the odds of getting more phone calls (in the case of the sprinkler repair company) or online orders (in the case of the drivers education company):

  • Rank the playlists #1 in YouTube for desired keywords
  • Once enough views of each playlist take place (e.g. 200+ views of the playlist) then the playlist itself could start to rank on page 1 of the search engines for desired keywords
  • Run display ads (banner/image ads) to the playlist URL
  • Embed the playlist on a website page or post (optimized for the desired city) like you see the playlists embedded in this post
  • Share each city-specific playlist URL on social media properties
  • Link to the playlist on low-cost/free online press release services (if appropriate)
  • Share the playlist URL with any YouTube channel subscribers/followers
  • Link to the playlist URL on relevant YouTube videos (from the comments section)
  • Embed the playlist URL on city-specific map pins/markers in a customized Google My Map
  • Embed the playlist on web 2.0 properties, surrounded by unique and relevant/helpful text & images
  • Create an infographic, submit to infographic directories, and link to the playlist from the description
  • Get the thumbnail of the playlist’s primary video’s image ranking in Google Images
  • “Pin” the playlist URL in Pinterest with a city-optimized post & relevant text in the description
  • Share the playlist URL in city-specific forums or local business directories
  • Email the playlist URLs to any email subscribers if there is value to be given (to the email readers) in doing so
  • Much more


All of these playlists can include “experts” in other YouTube videos which basically “endorse” the local viewers into taking action.  So long as each video adds some sort of value or example of what to do/not do (such as “CITY bad drivers” videos in one of the city-specific driving playlists) then the playlists can help generate new orders or phone calls.