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Irish sport receives € 65 million increase from the government

The government has announced an additional € 65 million in additional funding for sport as part of the latest Covid-19 investment program.

Sport Ireland has now received applications from national sports federations, local sports partnerships and other funded entities, with the € 65 million being made available through five key programs.

These include a field sports fund to support the FAI, GAA and IRFU; a resilience fund to support national sports federations and other Sport Ireland funded bodies; a resilience fund for sports clubs; a swimming pool and investment fund; and a Fund to Help Resume Exercise and Physical Activity.

This should ensure further planning security and stability in the course of the further opening of the sports sector.

“Sports organizations and clubs still face significant challenges in encouraging all members and volunteers to return and attract new participants,” said John Treacy, CEO of Sport Ireland. “The financial effects of the pandemic are still a challenge” for many, and losses and additional costs are putting a strain on finances. That is why this financial injection is necessary and welcome at all levels of sport. “

With Sport Ireland already announced € 26.3 million in support of their activity plans, the total funding for 2021 increases to € 91.3 million.

The specific funds made available to support the financial losses of the FAI, GAA and IRFU are also in addition to the significant previous funds.

There will also be a small grant program that encourages local sports partnerships to run a local program for small clubs and community groups similar to the national club program. These programs, in turn, may support community groups and clubs that may not be part of a national organization or recognized board of directors but that provide important local services. These grants would cover costs related to COVID 19 and the reopening.

Sport Ireland will also earmark a portion of the investment so that it is directly targeted at the disabled sports sector.

It follows Tuesday’s announcement that a National Velodrome and Badminton Center on the Sport Ireland Campus will be included in the government’s announced National Development Plan.

The aim of the National Velodrome and Badminton Center project is to contribute to the success of high-performance programs and increased participation in both track cycling and badminton by providing high quality indoor facilities, with positive effects on both national pride and social well-being. . The planned facility on the Sport Ireland campus will have a capacity of 900 and host both national and European events.

In addition to the Covid-19 fund, the government had already provided the GAA, the Camogie Association and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association with a further 15 million euros specifically for the implementation of the district championships.

Last November, the government announced a funding package of 85 million to set up the national sports system in Ireland.

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