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The most favored styles of dining sets of celebrities

Do you want a dining room that is stunning enough to match those of your favorite stars? There are definitely some solid interior decorating trends that celebrities run for. With the wide variety of furniture available online, you should be able to take advantage of these trends without any problems.

Here are the elements of the most popular celebrity dining rooms that you can get in cheap dining table sets.

Clean modern lines

The clean and simplified look of the modern style is becoming increasingly popular. White dining room chairs with black legs combined with classic black and white Art Deco decor can create a stunning, clean look without the sterile aesthetics of some industrial dining room sets.

Another popular option for modern dining room sets is glass table tops. Glass tables can have almost any type of base, but modern and contemporary styles usually feature sleek metal or otherwise shiny legs or bases.

A mix of modern and rustic

As society tries to get back to nature, the rustic style is becoming increasingly popular. Even so, celebs are not ready to give up their modern style. This has created an odd sort of rustic modern and contemporary farmhouse style. These dining room sets have modern wooden tables, tables with wooden frames and glass tops or chairs with metal frames and leather upholstery.

Traditional dining tables go nowhere

It’s no secret that celebrities live like kings. Why not want to feel like queens and kings seated on a throne while sitting at their own traditional dining table? You too can feel like royalty by opting for a traditional dining room set. These sets are often beautiful pieces made of hard or solid woods, sometimes with veneers for a more finished look. Intricate moldings and heavily carved velvet chairs complete this dining room set for a look straight from Tudor England.

Banquet style dining room sets

Some celebrities like to attend the most exclusive parties, while others like to host such parties themselves. If you want to host your own dinner parties that rival the stars, you need a banquet-style dining room set.

These dining sets are very long tables with stately armchairs and / or side chairs. Banquet furniture sets can be modern, traditional, or any other dining room style. It is crucial that at least 10 to 12 people can be seated at one of these tables without an extension.

Dining sets for the coastal terrace

If you have an outdoor deck that you want to turn into a dining area, take some Hollywood inspiration for you. The coastal themes are trendy even for those who do not live on such a coast. Coastal patio dining sets share many of the same characteristics as rustic modern sets – you can often find furniture with white or light-colored upholstery with clean wooden legs or bases. The dining table will likely be made of glass, but with a weathered wood base made of wood suitable for coastal themes.

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