Huawei says Japan ‘extremely important’ after 50% rise in procurement

Huawei says Japan ‘extremely important’ after 50% rise in procurement

Huawei Technologies revealed in late August that procurement from Japanese suppliers grew by more than 50 per cent last year while the US tightened trade restrictions on the Chinese telecom equipment maker.

During an online information session, Jeff Wang, chairman of Tokyo-based subsidiary Huawei Japan, credited the gain to Japan’s “extremely important role in global supply chains”. 

Huawei’s relationships with suppliers face a new test after the US last month moved to further block its access to chips and other equipment based on US technology, part of a series of sanctions against the Chinese company that began last year.

Mr Wang did not mention the US restrictions during the online forum. But another executive appeared to play down the risk to Huawei’s supply of 5G-related components.

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“We have procured from Japan since 2018, so I believe there will be no major impact,” said the executive.

“(Huawei) has built up long-term and stable relationships with Japanese suppliers,” Mr Wang said.

The company bought roughly ¥1.1tn ($10.3bn) worth of components and other goods from Japanese companies last year, up from ¥721bn in 2018.

Huawei first set up its Japanese arm in 2005. The unit employed about 950 people as of June. The company also procures heavily from China, Taiwan and South Korea.

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