Grow Your Business – Live Webinar Interview With Woman Who’s Grown Her Business to Over $3Million Annually

Learn the 3 Secrets that Lisa used to build a 3+ Million Dollar Agency and how you can scale your business too without working crazy hours or hiring a bunch of people


Join us for a special live training with Best Selling Author, mentor, personal coach and agency owner, Lisa Parziale and Terry Power.

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Lisa has figured out an easy, simple to use strategy that gets your ideal customers “in the door” who are willing to pay top dollar for your products or services, without cold calling or expensive advertising.

Not only was Lisa a D student in high school, she does not have a college degree or formal business training. That floored me, because Lisa is one of the most successful agency owners I know.

Maybe that is why Lisa is so effective with so many agency owners. She started at the bottom and worked her way up, just like everyone else. Except for one thing.


Lisa figured out an easy way to get sales and leads using simple, easy to use “get in the door” methods that get customers to call her and pay top dollar for her services

This system is so effective that Lisa has been able to show others her methods and they have been able to 2x, 3x and 4x their businesses (many 6-figure changes).

It’s not often that someone as transparent and successful as Lisa Parziale is willing to help you personally. She has an excellent reputation in the industry and is a true leader, trainer and mentor that you can trust to help you. You should definitely make this interview.

In this live class you will learn:


  1. How your beliefs may be sabotaging your success
  2. Why most agencies struggle to scale
  3. The 3 Secrets that changed Lisa’s business and her life forever (and how you can change yours)
  4. How Lisa turned $5 into $450,000
  5. Simple client-getting strategies that require little to no money
  6. How to stop working IN your business
  7. Proof that what Lisa is doing is completely repeatable (by you)
  8. Live Q&A coaching (have your questions ready)


And much more…


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