Carey Real Estate Photography

Carey Real Estate Photography

Greensboro Real Estate Photographer Help Home Renovation Companies Get New Clients

Photos can be a fundamental resource for your portfolio and marketing database.

Tip: invest time and money into getting professional photos taken. Construction is a visual industry. And we humans are visual by nature.

Make Before and After photos of projects and share them. Showcase your abilities!

By sharing these photos on your website and social media channels on a regular basis, you show that you are an active architect or contractor, and one who’s rightfully proud of the job they do. After all, you deliver quality.

Having plenty of photos taken of your projects is super important. Photos matter.

They do not only help you protect yourself, but they can also improve your company’s communication and upscale your portfolio and marketing material to get new clients.

Beautiful Portfolios that will Get You New Clients
Talking about photos, you should dedicate a whole page on your website purely to your portfolio, with a description of finished projects and lots of great photos.

It is always a good idea to document the upgrades or renovation you make to someone’s home. Who doesn’t love a good “before” and “after” photo comparison?

Friends and family will appreciate photos while they admire your new space, new flooring, and the progress you’ve made on your home. Should you decide to sell, photos could even help sell a home for a higher price.

During your renovation, everything will seem “in progress” and not fully finished. It is important to take pictures anyway. Most interior designers recommend taking “before” and “after” photos of your renovation. You should also take a few “in progress” photos to remember all the hard work that went into making your home beautiful.

Some projects may be better than others, but clients love before and after photos. It showcases your talent and allows them to visualize what their own project can be. Progress pictures really shows the process from start to finish and most people really like that. Plus this can also justify all the hard work that goes into your actual day to day work, which can make a difference if you have clients that are always asking for discounts.

There are so many times that project photos come in handy. Typically, we talk a lot about using photography for marketing purposes and to showcase your work. However, this isn’t the only reason you should implement photography on the job.

Having pictures from the beginning to the end of a project can be useful to show clients what’s going on while they aren’t present, to warranty the work that is being done, and in the worst-case scenario, if a false claim is made about something not being completed properly.

Typically, there is a lot going on at a jobsite and photography is the last thing the person in charge is probably thinking about, but when the project is completed, we have heard more times than not, “I wish we would have taken pictures of this.”

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