Dallas Experience And Immersive Design Agency Helps Improve Profitability

Quantifying how a design project using advanced technology, such as an interactive/experiential (experience)/immersive design project, can actually enhance corporate profitability is a challenge.  Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, it is tough to quantify for major companies that an expenditure of “X” dollars could generate a 3-to-1 (or better) return on investment.  Whereas an expenditure of $100,000 in search advertising possibly could be quantified/tracked to produce a $300,000 pre-tax profit (i.e. a 3-to-1 ROI).

Nonetheless, a Dallas-based agency called 900lbs has helped many major corporations improve their overall profitability and focus on giving the client direct or indirect reassurance that 900lbs aims to give the customer a return on investment which, ultimately, helps improve overall profits.

The company is located at 5301 Alpha Rd UNIT 10, Dallas, TX 75240:


Some of the projects which helped companies improve profits, either directly or indirectly, were quantified through:

  • Projects completed, meeting customer satisfaction, and significantly under budget
  • Reducing the risks for the customer of unexpected expenses which likely would happen if they attempted to pursue the immersive/experience design project in-house
  • Increasing prospective customer’s/client’s engagement in a way that exceeded the company’s norms, in ways that the company could quantify an estimated dollar benefit per engagement from first-time company/brand customers
  • Increasing registrations above/beyond normal amounts
  • Reduction in travel, print or other hard costs
  • Minimizing the need to reduce revenues from selling print advertising space by enhancing the value of print ads, and increasing advertiser retention
  • Reducing expenses and helping to lower insurance costs for safety command professionals
  • Increasing tourism and convention bookings


Here are some of the projects in which the company has participated with known sports teams, major corporations and major organizations: