Coronavirus latest: ‘Sunbelt’ states drive record jump in Sunday tally of US infections

Southern states drive huge jump in Sunday tally of new US infections

The US hit a new record for new infections reported on Sunday with the south of the country accounting for 65 per cent of cases in the country, according to Covid Tracking Project.

There were 60,978 cases reported, almost 50 per cent more than the 42,602 recorded on the previous Sunday and nearly 200 per cent higher than the 21,373 cases reported on Sunday June 14. The huge jump in infections is particularly concerning because numbers reported on the weekend tend to be much lower than in the middle of the week, due to delays in reporting the data.

Florida was partly responsible for the huge jump in Sunday’s reported infections, reporting 15,000 new cases, more than reported in any other state since the pandemic began.

“Florida didn’t just break the record for reported cases. It also shattered the mark for cases per million population,” Covid Tracking Project researchers said on Twitter, noting that Florida reported 712 cases per million, while New York, at its peak, hit 595.

In Texas, there have been more than 10,000 patients hospitalised with Covid-19 for the past three days, Covid Tracking Project scientists noted, though they added that this was still far lower than the 18,800 people being cared for in hospital in New York state at its peak.

In more positive news, the scientists said that “after months of communal effort by the people of the city” New York City finally reported no new deaths.

The latest data bring the total number of infections recorded in the US to nearly 3.3m of which 127,677 have died. More than 52,000 people are in hospital