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WoO suspends and punishes Aaron Reutzel

Aaron Reutzel (Photo Julia Johnson)

CONCORD, NC – World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series driver Aaron Reutzel has been suspended by Sanctions Authority for attempting to bypass the Sanctions Authority inspection process.

With four wins this season, Reutzel is seventh in the overall ranking of the series. He was fined $ 10,000 and suspended for 30 days.

According to a statement published on Wednesday evening by World of Outlaws, the racing car of Reutzels Roth Motorsports racing car was discovered with “suspicious peculiarities in the chassis paintwork and the apparently manipulated chassis inspection sticker” during the inspection on Saturday evening at the Weedsport Speedway. “

When faced with these observations, Reutzel admitted to WoO technical director Tom Devitt and World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series director Carlton Reimers that he had taken what he knew was a white chassis had previously not been approved for the competition by Devitt due to pipes that were too small (Chapter 3, Section 5, U), painted black and then a test sticker removed from another legal chassis and affixed to the chassis in question.

The WoO statement said Reutzel’s actions were an attempt to break the rules of World of Outlaws, including:

• Sprint Series 2021 Rulebook, Chapter 1, Section 7, P: Any member and / or competitor who violates a technical rule set out in the rulebook and / or published in a written bulletin will be penalized and / or disqualified and / or or fine and / or suspension and / or legal action and / or other action as the World Racing Group inspectors deem appropriate • Sprint Series 2021 Rulebook, Chapter 1, Section 4, A, a: All Members agree to act in a professional manner as determined by World Racing Group officials. The professional manner includes, but is not limited to, oral presentations, social media, text messages, written presentations, any presentations representing racing and / or motorsport in general, and / or affiliates.

• Sprint Series 2021 regulations, Chapter 3, Section 5, U: The following frame dimensions are minimum dimensions. Only the specified areas are mandatory and are subject to technical control. Instead of the “BUTT” BAR, the rear of a car can be connected to the rear chassis. Only ASTM4130 normalized steel or equivalent material may be used in the chassis / frame construction. See drawing 16.5.as

“It’s an unfortunate situation that Aaron Reutzel created for everyone involved,” said Brian Carter, CEO of World of Outlaws. “The severity of the sentence has been weighed heavily and reflects the severity with which we have dealt with the violations and violations.”

Reutzel must pay the $ 10,000 fine by August 28, or he will face additional fines. Reutzel will also be deducted 1,000 driver points from the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series 2021 Championship. In addition, Roth Motorsports was fined $ 10,000 and deducted 500 World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Championship Owner Points.

Roth Motorsports will not be suspended from the competition, however the fine must be paid before participating in the next event. Reutzel and Roth Motorsports will be on probation for the remainder of the World of Outlaws racing season and the entire 2022 World of Outlaws racing season. All subsequent violations lead to increased penalties / fines.

The chassis in question is a XXX. Mark Badock, owner of XXX Chassis, made the following clarifications about the car in question.

“This was a 2011 chassis that was legal to build. It wasn’t a chassis specially built for Aaron that wasn’t legal, ”Badock told SPEED SPORT via email. “This particular chassis has passed WoO technology five times. In the last 10 years it has been sandblasted and powder coated several times, making the pipe thinner every time. “

Parker Price-Miller will drive the # 83 this weekend at Federated Auto Parts Raceway on I-55 in Pevely, Missouri.

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