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Video: ‘Honestly, it lifted the sport’ – Aaron Gwin shares his impact on World Cup races

Gypsy Tales is a motocross podcast hosted by Jase MacAlpine but has historically hosted mountain bikers like Sam Hill, Dean Lucas and now Aaron Gwin.

With almost 4 hours of discussion on tape, there were guaranteed great insights and Jase published the above highlight on his YouTube. In it, Gwin talks about entering the sport, the advantages he had from his moto and BMX background and how his moto-inspired training program has helped raise the level of downhill racing.

Tune in to the full podcast for more great insight into Gwin’s process and history. Our highlights were the discussions about why Gwin is sometimes perceived negatively at the beginning of his career (2:45), how he has learned to deal with the pressure to win (3:10), how he sees the future of his career (3:38) and the Val di Sole run in 2012 (3:45)

Listen to the full podcast on iTunes or Spotify

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