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George Clooney Calls on Daily Mail to Stop Publishing Photos of Celebrities’ Children

In an open letter published Tuesday, actor George Clooney urged British tabloid The Daily Mail to stop publishing photos of celebrities’ young children.

In the letter, Clooney wrote that he was inspired to speak up by a recent Daily Mail story about actress Billie Lourd and her baby. According to Clooney, the Daily Mail posted a photo of Lourd’s baby and then removed it. TheWrap couldn’t identify the specific article – the latest Daily Mail article on Lourd used photos the actress posted on her Instagram, including one that didn’t show the child’s face.

Clooney acknowledged in his letter that having his photos published in tabloids “is part of the price I have to pay for my work.” But he said his “children have made no such commitment.”

Clooney considers his wife Amal’s work as a human rights attorney to be a particular risk. “The nature of my wife’s job results in her facing terrorist groups and bringing her to justice,” wrote Clooney. “We cannot protect our children if any publication shows their faces on its cover.”

Realizing that he has never sold a picture of his children and that he and his family do not use social media, he said it would “put his children’s lives in danger. No paranoid danger, but real problems with real consequences. “

Read the full text of Clooney’s letter below:

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An open letter to the Daily Mail and other publications.

Now that you’ve just seen photos of Billie Lourd’s one-year-old baby in your publication and have subsequently removed those images, we ask that you do not include our children’s faces in your publication. I am a public figure and accept the often intrusive photos as part of the price tag for my work. Our children have made no such commitment. The nature of my wife’s job is to face and bring terrorist groups like ISIS to justice, and we are taking as much precautions as possible to protect our family. We cannot protect our children if any publication shows its face on the cover. We have never sold a picture of our children, we are not on social media or post pictures because it would endanger their lives. No paranoid danger, but real problems with real consequences.

We hope you will agree with me that the need to sell advertising is no greater than the need to keep innocent children from being targeted.

Thanks very much

George Clooney

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