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Muncy Borough encounters the abandonment of an alley | News, sports, jobs

Muncy Town Council will consider “to give up” Alleys and right of way in the city that serve no purpose for the district, said the district manager.

The district staff will check the alleys to see if they are “leaving,” That means they will return to subdivisions that were built in front of their alleys, said District Manager Charley Hall.

Residents who own subdivisions that were part of such alleys will be notified and may challenge the abandonment through public hearings announced by the district, Hall said.

Alleys don’t add leverage to the liquid fuel funds the district receives from the state, he said.

In other news, Hall parish council instructed Hall to find deals on temporary metal carports to store the district’s police cars, which will make room for the district’s equipment storage throughout the winter.

“This is something that we have to move forward” Scott Delaney, city councilor, said. “We have to bring in the equipment.”

The district becomes his “Half-session”, a scheduled meeting on the third Monday of the month to vote on the planned purchase to speed up the process in anticipation of the winter weather.

Council President Ed Feigles told the local council he would be visiting Muncy Creek Ward to make a formal request for a letter of intent to be adopted. The agreement stipulates that the municipality annexes a piece of land owned by the municipality in order to move the municipality’s facilities there, as long as the municipality does not benefit from the property and the construction work carried out there.

If the Muncy Creek community approves the letter of intent, the district must formally approve it to close the matter.

The city council also passed a resolution allowing the council president to sign permanent traffic light maintenance contracts with PennDOT should changes occur.

Hall announced that there would be a new opening on the five-person zone and hearing board and said he was looking for people who could fill that space.

The ward council also previewed the 2022 budget and sent ward council members to review it for its November 2nd meeting to promote it to the public.

The bottom line is that the district has an estimated surplus of $ 86,000, according to Hall, which will decrease by around $ 74,000 due to the bill for the truck the district bought earlier this year. The remaining number can also fluctuate beyond that.

The district anticipates a deficit of around $ 34,000, according to Hall, who said the district’s staff are doing projections to see how to close the loop.

Linda Stein, city councilor, raised the issue of Japanese knotweed as her growing concern at the Glade Run.

She explained that knotweed is known to form a chain and contribute to damming, which could be a problem for Muncy across the board if best management practices are not developed within the county.

In other news, the district appointed Nicole Dirato as a substitute guard. Additionally, the district gave the school district its blessing to go through the school district’s 5k Monster Run approval process on October 30th.

The collection of leaves in the community begins on November 2nd and lasts until a time that is still advertised.

Muncy Town Council will have a brief meeting on Thursday, October 21st at 7pm to formally approve car pool purchases and will hold its next full meeting on Tuesday, November 2nd at 7pm

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