ManyChat Can Make It Simple to Build Automated Messenger Bots for Your Small Business

When you have a small company, you know the value of utilizing social media to acquire new customers (and retain old ones). But in case your company has grown beyond the kitchen table phase, you also know it is extremely difficult to respond to customers in a manner that is both timely and personal.

Luckily, chat bots are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with potential customers. And ManyChat is the simple service that lets business owners automate custom messenger bots to meet up with the unique needs of theirs.

ManyChat lets you mix most effective technique for reaching customers that are interested, Facebook Messenger, with SMS in a manner which can drive response rates much higher. With 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users these days, ManyChat is the easiest way to reach as many as possible. Its automated chat bots have been built from the ground up to aid you with sales, marketing, and other important but time consuming tasks so that you are able to concentrate on expanding the business of yours.

ManyChat’s automated marketing bots are intended to assist with a multitude of tasks. They book appointments, collect contact info, as well as nurture leads with customized follow ups, all using Facebook Messenger. How can these follow ups work? Which will depend on how you program the bot of yours. For instance, a client can get a welcome message one day after connecting with the business of yours on Messenger, followed by a discount code after 2 days, plus a totally free gift and soft sell on day 3. And it is all orchestrated in a manner that maximizes interest in your unique services or products.
ManyChat is built to be simple, and it just takes you a couple of minutes to set up. You are able to also select a pre existing template that fits your business needs or even build your very own bot using their extremely simple drag-and-drop interface.

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ManyChat automated chat bots

ManyChat’s automated chat bots are tailored to the business of yours in order to help it grow. And with ManyChat’s free video course in Master Chat Marketing, you are able to find out how ManyChat’s bots are able to bring the small business of yours to the following level in Email, SMS, and Messenger, in addition to every step of the ManyChat process, as explained by expert Kelly Noble Mirabella.
ManyChat chatbots do not only connect to clients through Text and Facebook. They could also sync up with a lot of your own personal business’s tools. These intelligent bots are able to grab other data and client info from Google Sheets as well as update the spreadsheets of yours with information that is new. They could touch base with people on Ping and Shopify them with reminders and alerts whether they abandon’their shopping carts (a proven approach to securing the business of reluctant/shy customers). Altogether, ManyChat works with over a dozen apps to make the place of its in the business of yours as convenient and seamless as you possibly can.

If your company is a novice to the entire world of chat bots, you are able to sign up for the totally free plan. For businesses with increased growth goals the ManyChat Pro plan is priced at just $10 per month for engagement with as much as 500 subscribers.

In order to sum it up, ManyChat is an ideally suited method to incorporate automated chatbots into the company of yours.