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Dundee 0-0 Livingston: Leigh Griffiths confident “goals are coming”

Leigh Griffiths did not have the big moment he was looking for on his return to Dundee

Leigh Griffiths says the goals are “coming” after his first 90 minutes in 18 months in Dundee’s 0-0 draw with Livingston.

The loaned Celtic striker, 31, failed in the second half to Max Stryjek, as both teams were satisfied with one point.

The Livingston goalkeeper also saved the efforts of Max Anderson and Ryan Sweeney.

“My goal record speaks for itself,” said Griffiths, who scored 234 club goals in 488 games.

“If I am fit and fire and fire on all cylinders, the goals will come. I felt good, I felt like I was fine.”

Dundee boss James McPake said getting a full game at Griffiths was “a huge bonus”, adding, “You can see he’s still a threat.

David Martindale’s Livingston remains at the bottom but is now just one point behind Ross County, while Dundee, still waiting for his first league win of the season, is ninth on three points.

The late Bobby Waddell, who won the Dundee Championship in 1962, was honored with a minute’s silence before kick-off.

Anderson failed with a terrific save from Stryjek in one of Dundee’s first attempts, and the goalkeeper shone again when Sweeney’s head tipped a Cammy Kerr cross into the net.

In between, Livingston was forced to pull Craig Sibbald back on a stretcher, which prompted Odin Bailey’s introduction from the bank.

Ben Williamson flashed a shot for the guests just before the break.

Griffiths tried to get Dundee up and running early in the second period by taking a 35-yard shot from an indirect free kick, but the ball bounced to Stryjek.

But the goalkeeper was subjected to a much more stringent test moments later when Griffiths was released in the penalty area.

The striker crossed over to Luke McCowan to go into the arms of Stryjek and the keeper raked up another try from Griffiths as time passed.

Man of the Game – Ayo Obileye

Livingston playerStryjek was able to parry, but Obileye (second from right) was effective in both boxes for Livingston

What did we learn?

After not playing for Celtic this season and his final 90 minutes coming in March 2020, there has always been a question mark over Griffiths’ playing fitness. It can take until autumn to see its true worth to Dundee.

James McPake’s side have to find the goals from somewhere and Jason Cummings was substituted on in the second half to no avail.

The only salvation from Livingston’s bad start to the season was that they were just two points behind the team and that gap has now been halved. They too have problems with the goal, but now they have something to build on.

What did you say

Dundee manager James McPake: “We had three or four really good chances in the first half that we had to score. We could have felt good in the first half.

“The second half was just a really bad game. It just turned out to be a fight. What made me happy was how we defended our penalty area.”

Livingston manager David Martindale: “We’re away, we conceded a goal and that’s the first point of the season, so I’m pretty happy with the result. I was really happy with Max Stryjek’s performance.”

“When I looked at the schedule, I always thought the first six games would be a tough run-in. When we get all of our players back, I think we’ll be in a really good place.”

What’s next?

Dundee will face city rivals Dundee United for the first time this season this Sunday, before Livingston host Celtic later that day.

Player of the game

WilliamsonBen Williamson


  1. Cadre number14thPlayernameAshcroft

  2. Cadre number7thPlayernameJakubiak

  3. Cadre number24PlayernameAnderson

  4. Cadre number8thPlayernameByrn

  5. Cadre number5PlayernameSweeney

  6. Cadre number6thPlayernameMcGhee

  7. Cadre number17thPlayernameMcCowan

  8. Cadre number2PlayernameKerr

  9. Cadre number1PlayernameLegzdins

  10. Cadre number3PlayernameMarshall

  11. Cadre number35PlayernameCummings

  12. Cadre number10PlayernameMcGowan

  13. Cadre number29PlayernameGriffiths

  14. Cadre number11PlayernameMcDaid


  1. Cadre number12thPlayernameWilliamson

  2. Cadre number22ndPlayernameShinnie

  3. Cadre number29PlayernamePenrice

  4. Cadre number9PlayernameAnderson

  5. Cadre number5PlayernameFitzwater

  6. Cadre number17thPlayernameForest

  7. Cadre number10PlayernameSibbald

  8. Cadre number18thPlayernameGet

  9. Cadre number2PlayernameDevlin

  10. Cadre number6thPlayernameObileye

  11. Cadre number14thPlayernameBailey

  12. Cadre number23PlayernameHamilton

  13. Cadre number7thPlayernameJacobs

  14. Cadre number32PlayernameStryjek



formation 4-3-3





  • 1Legzdins
  • 2Kerr
  • 14thAshcroftBooked at 29 minutes
  • 5Sweeney
  • 3Marshall
  • 6thMcGhee
  • 8thByrn
  • 24AndersonReplaced byMcGowanat 82 ‘protocol
  • 17thMcCowanReplaced byMcDaidat 64 ‘protocol
  • 29Griffiths
  • 7thJakubiakReplaced byCummingsat 65 ‘protocol


  • 4thFontaine
  • 10McGowan
  • 11McDaid
  • 20thPanther
  • 21Lawlor
  • 23Sheridan
  • 35Cummings


formation 4-1-4-1






  • 32Stryjek
  • 2Devlin
  • 6thObileye
  • 5Fitzwater
  • 29Penrice
  • 18thGetBooked at 67 minutes
  • 12thWilliamsonBooked at 54 minutesReplaced byJacobsat 73 ‘protocol
  • 10SibbaldReplaced byBaileyat 27 ‘protocolBooked at 76 minutes
  • 22ndShinnie
  • 17thForestBooked at 81 minutes
  • 9AndersonReplaced byHamiltonat 58 ‘protocol


  • 1Bards
  • 3Longridge
  • 7thJacobs
  • 11Montano
  • 14thBailey
  • 16Lewis
  • 23Hamilton

Live text

  1. Match ends, Dundee 0, Livingston 0.

  2. Second half ends, Dundee 0, Livingston 0.

  3. Shaun Byrne (Dundee) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

  4. Foul by Alan Forrest (Livingston).

  5. Attempt saved. Jack Hamilton (Livingston) tries a header from the center of the box, held by the goalkeeper in the center of the box. Supported by Nicky Devlin.

  6. Attempt blocked. Ayo Obileye (Livingston) right footed shot from the center of the box is blocked. Supported by Odin Bailey.

  7. Foul by Jordan Marshall (Dundee).

  8. Andrew Shinnie (Livingston) wins a free kick on the right wing.

  9. Attempt failed. Paul McGowan (Dundee) headed the left of the penalty area, but the marble went up and wide to the left. Supported by Jordan McGhee.

  10. Attempt blocked. Odin Bailey (Livingston) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Supported by Nicky Devlin.

  11. Offside, Livingston. Jack Fitzwater tries a through ball, but Odin Bailey is caught offside.

  12. Attempt blocked. Keaghan Jacobs (Livingston) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked.

  13. Corner, Livingston. Granted by Lee Ashcroft.

  14. Shaun Byrne (Dundee) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

  15. Foul by Jason Holt (Livingston).

  16. Attempt saved. Leigh Griffiths (Dundee FC) left footed shot from the right side of the box is saved in the center of the goal. Supported by Shaun Byrne.

  17. Attempt blocked. Alan Forrest (Livingston) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Supported by James Penrice.

  18. Foul by Ryan Sweeney (Dundee).

  19. Jack Hamilton (Livingston) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

  20. Replacement, Dundee. Paul McGowan replaces Max Anderson.

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