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Culture Warlords Review: An Undercover Examination of White Supremacy

Talia Lavin was undercover to join white supremacy groups who abused her online. Your book, Culture Warlords, makes reading difficult


November 11, 2020

By Donna Lu

White nationalists marching in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017

Reuters / Stephanie Keith

Culture Warlords: My Journey into the Dark Web of White Domination

Talia Lavin

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TALIA LAVIN woke up one day and discovered a group of white supremacists who were using the encrypted messaging app Telegram to discuss whether she was “too ugly to be raped”. A few weeks earlier, unknown to her members, she had joined the group.

The writer and former New York magazine fact-checker did not feel prominent enough to warrant such obnoxious comments. “I was mostly just a loudmouth on Twitter. Why do I have properties in …