Bachelor alum Ashley Spivey reveals she has suffered a pregnancy loss: "I couldn't protect him"

Bachelor alum Ashley Spivey reveals she has suffered a pregnancy loss: “I couldn’t protect him”

Ashley Spivey mourns her son.

The Bachelor alum revealed late Wednesday night that she had suffered a pregnancy loss, just over four months after announcing that she was expecting a baby boy with husband Steve Hunsberg.

Spivey made the devastating announcement in a series of posts on her Instagram stories, stating that she was researching the loss of her son, whom they named CJ, to “give a glimpse into the worst day of our lives”.

She said Wednesday started with a “great” doctor’s appointment during which she had the opportunity to hear her baby’s “very strong” heartbeat, but it soon got worse.

“The doctor asked if CJ was moving a lot, but I said he had slowed down a little over the past week and didn’t kick me out at night. I loved it. It was our night bond,” she explained.

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After leaving the doctor’s office, Spivey said she was starting to worry and went to her regular doctor who advised her to get a sonogram at the hospital “so she and I would feel better”.

“When I got here, they had trouble finding the heartbeat and they did two ultrasounds with two different doctors,” she wrote. “But the result was the same. CJ died sometime between my doctor visit and my hospital visit.”

After losing the pregnancy, Spivey said she received an epidural and pitocin, “in the hope that I can deliver him relatively quickly”.

“I’m very sad and very scared, but most of all, I’m completely broken. I feel like a failure,” she continued. “I’ll try to get some sleep and tomorrow I’ll meet my cute CJ.”

“I’m so sad that I couldn’t protect him,” she finished the heartbreaking announcement.

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The story goes on

Hunsberg also addressed the tragic loss and posted a photo of a letter written to CJ about an album of songs selected for the baby.

“Today the world has taken a step back,” said Hunsberg.

Spivey, who appeared on The Bachelor during Brad Womack’s 2011 season, got engaged to Hunsberg in late December 2014. The couple tied the knot in May 2016.

Tragically, this isn’t the first time Spivey has suffered a pregnancy loss.

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In April, she disclosed that she had previously miscarried before the one-year anniversary.

“I feel even further removed from my mother’s goals than I did then,” she wrote in a post on Instagram. “It seems like a cruel joke to sterile the nanny who loves children more than anything, but I also feel insanely rude to complain about it when people are in much bigger trouble.”

“I just wanted to let you know that if you’re hurting for any reason right now – I see you and you important,” she added.