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Auto Accident Doctor In Jacksonville – What To Do After An Accident

If you’ve suffered a neck injury, whiplash or any other car accident injury, you must know that qualified Jacksonville chiropractic specialist at Sambursky Chiropractic LLC will play a vital part in your post-accident spinal cord recovery and relief. The soft tissue of the cervical region is very susceptible to trauma. This type of injury, when not properly diagnosed and treated, can cause debilitating symptoms that can inhibit one’s quality of life. In addition, soft tissue injuries are often accompanied by pain, a stiff neck and loss of mobility. This chiropractic clinic in Jacksonville, FL offers chiropractic care in a comprehensive manner to address these common injury causes.


When an auto accident occurs, there are often times accompanying injuries such as whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the head is forced forward rapidly by the impact of another vehicle or object. Neck pain and neck stiffness can also be a result of whiplash. A well-trained specialist at a Jacksonville chiropractic clinic can identify these symptoms and provide the appropriate chiropractic care for their client.


Some other injuries commonly suffered from auto accidents include back injuries, knee pain and dislocations. Typically, these types of injuries are self-inflicted. But sometimes, they are the results of serious physical damage sustained during the crash. A good chiropractic specialist at a Jacksonville chiropractic clinic can advise their patient on ways to manage these types of injuries with the use of pain relief techniques. Back pain and muscle spasms are common after an auto accident. A trained professional at a Jacksonville chiropractic clinic can assist their patient with the appropriate exercises to strengthen their back muscles to ensure proper posture when moving for extended periods of time.


Neck and back pain are the two most common reasons people visit a chiropractor. In addition to effective pain management, a competent chiropractor in Jacksonville can provide an effective treatment plan for adjusting the subluxations that cause these pain issues. During a car accident, for example, the spine may have already been compromised by subluxations. An expert at a Jacksonville chiropractic clinic can design a treatment plan that helps improve the quality of life for their patient after an auto accident.


When the neck pain and other body injuries are the result of improper postural habits, a trained specialist at a Jacksonville chiropractic clinic can provide the important adjustments needed to correct the problem. It is common for the muscles and vertebrae in the neck to become misaligned. This misalignment can compress the nerves, which causes pain and stiffness. A chiropractor in Jacksonville can instruct their patients on the proper postural habits to avoid this condition.


The spinal decompression method used by a chiropractor in Jacksonville is helpful for treating many types of spinal injuries, which include those sustained in car accidents. Many times the disc between the vertebrae can separate, which causes pressure on the nerve roots. This pressure causes the nerves to feel irritation, tingling or numbness. A skilled medical professional in Jacksonville can use spinal decompression to treat the source of the irritation so the person will not be affected as much by the injury when they get home. If you are injured in a car accident, speak to a skilled expert today.


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