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Cutting-edge discussions about the evolution of capital markets and the future of finance

Securrency will be joined by Abu Dhabi Global Market, Halo Investing, State Street, Stellar Development Foundation and other partners for a week-long program of dedicated talks and engagements focused on moving towards a global liquidity network.

WASHINGTON, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Securrency, a leading developer of institutional-level blockchain-based financial and regulatory technology, is launching the “Liquidity Lounge” on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in davos occur 22-26 May.

Located in the heart of davosthe Liquidity Lounge serves as a hub for targeted discussions about the development of the global capital markets and the effects on current and future market participants. From using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to improve current market infrastructures, to new regulations, to innovative products, services and practices that remove friction in global financial markets to open new opportunities for the financially underserved and excluded the Liquidity Lounge participants and attendees the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of where the future of finance is headed.

Securrency and its world-class partners invite all World Economic Forum attendees to join them in the Liquidity Lounge at ESCHER Raumdesign, Promenade 115, 7270 Davos Platz. Switzerland. The Liquidity Lounge is a landmark event that brings together global leaders in digital asset finance, compliance and regulation. Hosted jointly by several prominent stakeholders including Abu Dhabi Global Market, Halo Investing, State Street and the Stellar Development Foundation, it offers a packed program at the forefront of global digital finance.

“Presence of security on site at davos once again underscores our ongoing commitment to supporting the responsible development of global financial markets,” said Dan Doney, Chief Executive Officer of Securrency. “We are at the forefront of the remarkable convergence of legacy financial systems with innovative new technologies capable of enhancing global capital markets for all who use them. The power of blockchain technology, harnessed by responsible innovators, is driving this transformation in a way that appropriately balances the need for financial privacy with advanced institutional and regulatory oversight capabilities. The result will be unprecedented global liquidity and a fundamental shift in how modern markets work and how we interact with them.”

John HenselChief Operating Officer of Securrency, said: “We are excited to curate this discussion on the future of finance. We are also proud to have some of our closest partners such as Stellar Development Foundation, Halo Investing, State Street, and Abu Dhabi Global Market to share their expert insights along with other key figures involved in the development of our markets. We are confident that this impressive group of thought leaders will drive the discussion and the industry forward.”

Starting with a welcoming reception Sunday May 22ndThe Liquidity Lounge offers a wide-ranging and lively discussion on the future of finance in the ambience of the World Economic Forum. Daily program themes include:

  • Monday, May 23rd: Institutionalization of digital assets
  • Tuesday, May 24th: Opportunities for regulatory innovation
  • Wednesday May 25th: Shaping capital markets for the 21st century
  • Thursday, May 26th: Convergence of Values: From Isolated Networks to Interoperable Markets

Further details on the agenda can be found at the following link: https://wef.securrency.com/

About Securrency, Inc.

Securrency is a blockchain-based financial market infrastructure company focused on building a financial ecosystem to optimize financial logistics to improve capital accumulation and stimulate global liquidity. Securrency is driving change at the core of financial services through a fully interoperable distributed identity and compliance framework with state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to connect legacy financial platforms with next-generation blockchain networks. As one of the most advanced regulatory technology providers in the industry, Securrency has developed integrated, scalable and universal compliance tools that automate the enforcement of regulatory policies across multiple jurisdictions.

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