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The stars and celebrities who should be in the Tom Brady roast

Image for article titled A partial list of people we'd like to see at the Tom Brady Netflix Roast 2023

Image: Getty Images

Tom Brady’s love affair with the limelight will take yet another form in 2023 – Netflix announced yesterday that the recently non-retired QB will be executive producer and first subject of a new series, Greatest Roasts of All Time.

While the lineup for the roast has yet to be announced, we decided to pull together a few suggestions for Netflix (in case anyone else works at Netflix), hoping they’ll aim higher than the predictable Kissing, Ball-deflating TB12 Diet material , which we’ve been hearing about for the past decade. We know Gronk will be cracking jokes there, but c’mon, let’s aim higher folks!

As the special’s executive producer, Brady might not greenlight our entire roster, but since we’re not sure how far he’s willing to take this thing, here’s our dream starting roster.

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