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Annual upgrades are about to begin at the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex

Those visiting the Poirier Sports and Leisure Complex may need to find another location to train in the water for the month of June.

The swimming pool at the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex (PSLC) is scheduled to remain closed until the end of June.

The Coquitlam recreation facility’s fitness center will also be temporarily unavailable – but only for a week – as it is about to undergo maintenance, the city says.

As a result, next month swimmers visiting the PSLC will need to find another place to show off their butterfly steps while staff ensure all equipment conforms to the code.

In a press release today (May 18), Coquitlam community leader Vinh Truong says both PSLC facilities will be closed from May 31, with the pool expected to reopen on June 27.

“Because the swimming pool at the PSLC is open to the public every day and the systems are running continuously, the four-week closure is necessary for maintenance and cleaning work that cannot be completed while the facility is open. The closure ensures a safe environment for staff and the public, reduces the likelihood of equipment failure and extends the life of city assets.”

The annual closure will result in workers performing a thorough deep cleaning of the public-use facilities in the 190,000-square-foot building.

This includes emptying the pools and tanks and sanitizing lockers, changing rooms, showers, pool toys and life jackets.

In addition, city officials will thoroughly clean the fitness center and its equipment; It is scheduled to reopen on June 7th.

Upgrades will also be rolled out in the PSLC arenas between mid-June and late July, Truong adds.

Where can I swim in the meantime?

Coquitlam has three additional swimming facilities that will be open during the PSLC’s maintenance upgrades.

This contains:

  • Water complex in the city center
    • Also has drop in fitness classes and a weight room
  • Outdoor pool Spain (opening June 1st)
  • Eagle Ridge Outdoor Pool (selected hours beginning June 11)

Please see the swimming pools page on the City of Coquitlam website for hours of operation.

You can also find more information on the Poirier Sports and Leisure Complex page.

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