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The Master’s Trading Program includes all videos and materials for the Core Concepts, Advanced Concepts, Graduate, and Master’s Courses. The Core Concepts, Advanced Concepts, and Graduate courses are laid out in a series of short videos, followed by online quizzes, and online office hours. The Master’s Course is a concurrent 6-month program teaching the methods in live markets. Classes will be hosted via webinar. The link to attend the class of the day will be emailed to you just prior to that day’s class.

Estimated Time Needed To Complete

Advanced Concepts Graduate Course
Section One 15 to 20 minutes Section One 90 minutes
Section Two 2 to 2-1/2 hours Section Two 45 minutes
Section Three 1 hour Section Three 20 minutes
Section Four 1 to 1-1/2 hours Secton Four 1-1/2 to 2 hours
Section Five 45 minutes
Section Six 45 minutes
Section Seven 45 minutes



The Advanced Concepts and Graduate course are available as self-study videos and quizzes. Students also have access to the online community where they can chat with other students. The Master’s Course is taught in live markets over a 6 month time period. Archives of the Master’s class are also available online for student review.

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The Advanced, Graduate and Master’s Courses are all taught by Jay Norris.

Help Desk

The online helpdesk is available during normal business hours of 9AM to 5PM CDT. You may reach us either via chat, phone, or submit a work ticket. We attempt to respond to all requests within several hours.

The Advanced Course takes the student through Price Pattern, Price Direction, Price Structure, Momentum, and Trading Philosophy.  The following syllabus details the subjects covered in the 7 Sections of the Advanced Concepts Course.

Core Concepts

Please refer to the Core Concepts page for detail on the Core Concepts Course.

Advanced Concepts

The Advanced Course takes the student through Price Pattern, Price Direction, Price Structure, Momentum, and Trading Philosophy.  The following syllabus details the subjects covered in the 7 Sections of the Advanced Concepts Course.


The Importance of Practice Learn and Understand The Risks Involved

Section One – How Market Prices Develop

1.1 Price Causation and News

1.2 A Market Is A Product

1.3 Methodology & Market Generated Data

Quiz 1

Section Two – Price Pattern

2.1 Price Pattern

2.2 The Six Price Patterns

2.3 Measured Retracements

2.4 Price Pattern Zones – How to Draw & How The Zones Shift

2.5 Growth Patterns, Scalability & Fractal Geometry

Quiz 2

Section Three – Price Direction

3.1 Defining Market Direction

3.2 Trade direction examples

3.3 Moving averages

Quiz 3

Section Four – Price Structure

4.1 Retracements, repetition & Dow Theory

4.2 Trendlines

4.3 Pivot points

4.4 Structure demonstrated in current markets

Quiz 4

Section Five – Momentum

5.1 Momentum indicators

5.2 MACD for trade management

5.3 Stochastic for trade entry

Quiz 5

Section Six – Price Pattern & Direction

6.1 When direction is aligned with Price Pattern

6.2 Possible scenarios

Quiz 6

Section Seven – Trading Philosophy

7.1 Market Philosophy

7.2 Market Behavior

7.3 Aligning With Market Behavior

7.4 People Make Markets

7.5 Disequilibrium and Fractal Geometry

7.6 Keynesian Influence

7.7 Price Pattern Reflects Fundamental Developments

Quiz 7


Graduate Course

The Graduate Course takes the student through Trade Setup, Signals, Trading Plans, Back-testing, and Trading Psychology.  The following syllabus details the subjects covered in the 4 Sections of the Graduate Course.

Section One – Trading Psychology

1.1 Thought Recognition and Following Your Trading Plan

1.2 Trade Management and Negative Trade Expectancy

1.3 Trading The Appropriate Timeframe

1.4 Filter Trade Selection

Quiz 1

Section Two – Trade Setup and Signal

2.1 Trade Setup and Market Environment

2.2 Trade Trigger

2.3 Retracements and The Three Edges

Quiz 2

Section Three – Current Market Psychology

3.1 Leading Indicator Markets

3.2 Market Correlations and Interference

Quiz 3

Section Four – Price Structure

4.1 Trading Plan

4.2 BackTests

Quiz 4

The Advanced Concepts, Graduate Course and Masters Course are available to purchase as part of the Master’s Trading Education Series.  The Master’s Series includes:

the Core Concepts Series;
the Advanced Concepts Course;
the Graduate Course;
and the Master’s Course
access to Online Office Hours, Trading in Live Markets, and participation in our trader forum/community.

The price is $199/mo for 6 months for all four sections listed above (total price for 6 months equals $1194). Our guarantee is you pay one month at a time yet get access to our entire program upfront. After the 6 month subscription you retain access to all videos, materials, and sessions for free as a lifetime member!

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