“Jay, You have got to be the most dedicated instructor I have ever had and the most unselfish. I have been around the online trading community for over 4 years and your program is the most understandable, comprehensive and (don’t change your tuition) inexpensive. Your webinars are so personal that I feel like I’ve met you in person.”

Joe K. MD, PA, U.S.A.

Markets appear to follow a random and often hectic pattern.  Hidden within the apparently random paths however are repetitive, measurable patterns driven by underlying fundamentals and market-maker activity.  We have developed a trading methodology, Risk Tolerance Threshold Theory, that is an extension of Dow Theory, which shows traders how to use a simple yet dynamic fractal framework, or ratio that provides traders with objective, empirical analysis to identify which markets to trade, the specific levels to buy or sell at, when to enter those trades, and how to manage them.

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