Your course materials are integrated within the eCampus. Once you are logged in you may view the videos and take the tests. Students who have enrolled in the Master’s Trading Program will also have access to the online community chat, have access to office hours, and access to search the forum for answers to your questions. Recommended reading for this course also includes Mastering The Currency Market by Jay Norris, Al Gaskill, and Teresa Bell (McGraw-Hill 2009).


The course is laid out in a series of short videos, followed by online quizzes. Before you begin, you will need to create an online personal account, and register for the course, and if the course requires a subscription you will need to pay online via PayPal.

Time Needed To Complete

Core Concepts 1:  Approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours

Core Concepts 2:  Approximately 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours

Core Concepts 3:  Approximately 3 to 3-1/2 hours


The Core Concepts 1 and 2 free trials are available as self-study videos and quizzes. If you decide to upgrade to the Core Concepts Series (including Core Concepts 1, 2 & 3) you will also have access to online office hours where you may ask questions, to the forum where you may post questions, and the online community where you can chat with other students.


Core Concepts 1 –  Teresa Bell

Core Concepts 2 –  Teresa Bell and Jay Norris

Core Concepts 3 –  Jay Norris and Teresa Bell


Office Hours (for students enrolled in the Master’s Program)

Mondays – 10:15AM to 11:15AM EDT Outside of office hours, students may post questions in the forum, and the instructor will post answers so they are available to all students.


Help Desk

The online helpdesk is available during normal business hours of 9AM to 5PM CST. You may reach us either via chat, phone, or submit a work ticket. We attempt to respond to all requests within several hours.

The following syllabus details the subjects covered in the 3 units of the Core Concepts Series

Core Concept 1 – Intro To Trading

1.1 Intro to Trading

1.2 Definition of Markets

1.3 Types of Financial Markets

1.4 Bullish vs. Bearish

1.5 Risk vs. Reward

1.6 Methods Apply To Multiple Markets

1.7 Forex Basics

1.8 The Six Majors

1.9 Market Timeframes

1.10 Understanding Forex Quotes

1.11 Cross Currency Pairs

1.12 Understanding PIPs

1.13 Lot Sizes

1.14 Rollover

1.15 Leverage & Margin

1.16 Minimize Risk

1.17 Bid & Ask Prices

1.18 The Spread

1.19 Platforms

1.20 Entering An Order

1.21 Market Order

1.22 Stop Order

1.23 Limit Order

1.24 Exiting Your Position

1.25 Calculating P&L

Quiz 1 – Trading Basics


Core Concepts 2 – Fundamental Analysis

2.1 Intro to Fundamentals

2.2 Supply and Demand

2.3 Example: Stocks

2.4 Example: Commodities

2.5 Forex and Economics

2.6 Factors Affecting Fundamentals

2.7 Global Business Cycle

2.8 Regional or Industry Business Climate

2.9 Interest rates

2.10 The Carry Trade

2.11 Inflation

2.12 Consumer Habits

2.13 Employment Levels

2.14 Summary of Macroeconomic Factors

2.15 New Sources

2.16 Table of Economic Reports

2.17 Learning Fundamentals Takes Time

2.18 Live Fundamental Reports

2.19 Non-Farm Payroll

2.20 FOMC

2.21 Retail Sales

2.22 Durable Goods

2.23 Gross Domestic Product

2.24 Producer Price Index

2.25 Consumer Price Index

2.26 Consumer Confidence

2.27 Fundamentals and Technicals

2.28 Tips to Trading with Fundamentals

2.29 Major Currencies

Quiz 2 – Fundamentals


Core Concepts 3 – Technical Analysis

3.1 Intro to Technical Analysis

3.2 Advantages of Technical Analysis

3.3 Chart Types

3.4 Three Components of Technical Analysis

3.5 Trends Defined

3.6 Determining Trend

3.7 Drawing Trendlines

3.8 Trending and Ranging

3.9 Drill down

3.10 Market Overview

3.11 Candlesticks

3.12 Candle Behavior and Trending

3.13 Support & Resistance

3.14 Identifying Directional Shifts

3.15 Trendline Breaks

3.16 Pivot Points

3.17 Combining Multiple Factors

3.18 Retracements and Extensions

3.19 Chart Patterns

3.20 Technical Indicators

3.21 Moving Averages

3.22 MACD

3.23 MACD & Divergence

3.24 Stochastics

Quiz 3 – Trending, Ranging, and Counter-trending

Quiz 4 – Candlesticks

Quiz 5 – Support & Resistance

Quiz 6 – Pivot Points

Quiz 7 – Multiple Factors Combine

Quiz 8 – Retracements & Extensions

Quiz 9 – Chart Patterns

Quiz 10 – Technical Indicators

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Core Concepts 1 – Intro To Trading

Core Concepts 2 – Fundamental Analysis

Core Concepts 3 – Technical Analysis

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