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Due Diligence

Trading takes diligence, among other qualities. As a trader you also need to understand why you follow your plan to the letter.  Despite having hit the snooze button once, I was up and ready to go at 3:00 AM CDT to open the shop .  And it was our old friend EURUSD which popped right [...]

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Leading Indicator Markets & Segregated Funds

There are two key advantages to doing your Forex business on a platform that also handles futures business. • You can keep the bulk of your funds on the futures side of the account where your money is segregated from the brokers operating funds • You have access to free quotes and charts on leading indicator markets [...]

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“Deja Vu All Over Again”

“It’s like deja vu all over again” was one of many quotes from the former New Yankee player and manager Yogi Berra, who put more emphasis on work ethic and results, than on style and appearance. I thought that quote apropos in describing the market action we highlighted today in our Live Market Exercise, given it was so similar to yesterday’s [...]

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Trading the Yen Pairs — Keep it Simple!

The first thing I do every morning, before opening my screen to the clients, is make a determination as to which currency markets are in uptrends, and which currencies are in down-trends. I rely on the current direction of both the Weekly and Daily charts to make this determination.  Once I have qualified the markets by direction, I open up the shop. Today was [...]

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Don’t Be a Bluegill

The bluegill – a small freshwater sunfish – has such a tiny brain that you can catch the same fish over and over again over the course of a morning. Because it has such an inefficient memory you can hook the bluegill and throw it back, and go back to fishing and hook the same fish several minutes later! [...]

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Clovernest Daily Forex Report

Clovernest Daily Forex Report for 2/15/11 with industry veteran Jay Norris To view the video click on Clovernest Daily Forex Report Teresa Bell DISCLAIMER: Forex (off-exchange foreign currency futures and options or FX) trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. Risks include the potential that changing political/economic conditions may substantially affect the price/liquidity [...]

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