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Interview with a Dollar Bull

Interview with a Dollar Bull By Teresa Bell I recently sat down with Jay Norris in Chicago to ask him a few questions about the current markets. Teresa: “Jay I know you’re a dollar bull, so I’m guessing you’re a little underwater right about now? Jay: “I am, yes. I’m long UUP in a cash [...]

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“Market Time” Determines Chart Time

Most professionals who use charts generally have two favorites; one time frame for momentum and a second, lower time frame chart for signals. But, even those two time frames are going to vary based on market time.

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Sea Change Move Lower For Euro

To see the original story go to our SeekingAlpha Blog at: IntaBlog: Sea Change Move Lower For Euro

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The Science Behind The Signals

“The major revolution in the last decade is the recognition of the “law of maximum entropy production” or “MEP” and with it an expanded view of thermodynamics showing that the spontaneous production of order from disorder is the expected consequence of basic laws”. It is intuitive that markets would follow the 2nd law of [...]

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Majority of Patterns in Gold Lower

When we look at our Risk Tolerance Threshold Ratio for gold — below –we see that even when we count the Grand Pattern, which we do not consider a “tradable” pattern because it is so long-term — call it an investment pattern — we have the majority of patterns down. It is ominous that the [...]

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Do Not Argue With The Market

If there is one thing we have learned over the past few years it is the importance of taking your trading and investing cue from market generated data, i.e.: a markets high, low, and closing price. Once you know how to use those important determinants you can build a mechanical framework for determining a market’s [...]

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