Van Johnson & Ceasar Emanuel announce Black Ink Houston is on its way

Regardless of whether it's "Black Ink Crew: New York" or "Black Ink Crew: Chicago", every show is guaranteed to have drama and friends. As the season progressed, viewers watched Ryan Henry and Van Johnson's friendship go from good friends to enemies. Same goes for Ryan and Ceaser Emanuel.

Ryan and Van had an up and down relationship due to a lack of respect and loyalty among other things. These problems eventually led Ryan to dismiss “9 Mag” from the tattoo shop. On the final season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, we saw Ryan and Van warmly when they met for Van's daughter's 18th birthday party. With Ryan and Ceaser, however, that's a different story.

These men fell out after Ryan started dating Miss Kitty, Ceaser's ex-girlfriend. It didn't help Ryan either to lie to Ceaser about the situation.

In a recent episode, the two men almost got beaten while enjoying a night out in Indianapolis.

Black Ink castmates made the headlines more than ever after Ryan's best friend outed him for messing with the mother of his child behind his back.

Currently, Van announced he was approved for Houston real estate and announced on Instagram that he and Ceaser would be opening Black Ink Houston. Caesar liked the mail and even stepped into the shadow room to say, "I told you 50 states. BLACK INK HOUSTON COMING SOON !!!!"

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#Roommates it looks like #VanJohnson from #BlackInkCrewChicago & #Ceaser from #BlackInkCrewNY are new business partners. Van announced that #BlackInkHouston is next up SWIPE

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