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Feels Good Man Review: Reclaim Pepe the Frog from the right

Pepe the frog became the darling of the anarchists and the old-right. A documentary tells the surprising true story of the super-meme and its creator


October 21, 2020

By Elle Hunt

Pepe the frog had many incarnations, from blessed to fascist

Feel good man

Feels good on man
Arthur Jones
Ready fictions, streaming; BBC 4 Storyville, October 26th

In over 25 years of the Internet, memes have evolved from a one-note online gag – for example a dancing baby or a cat with irreverent lettering in Impact script – to a muscular means of communication that is nuanced and complexly ironic.

But no meme has had such a strange and historic journey as Pepe the Frog. The relaxed amphibian from the cult hit Boy & # 39; s Club by cartoonist Matt Furie was torn out of this context …