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Uncle Sam is sending more money to parents – but will it help or hurt the economy?

PORTSMOUTH, Virginia (WAVY) – Hundreds of thousands of Virginia parents woke up Thursday to find that Uncle Sam had made a deposit into their bank accounts.

Under the American rescue plan passed by the Democrats, most working families will receive up to $ 300 per month per child for the remainder of the year.

The idea is to help families get back to work, but some argue that it keeps them home.

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“I received my deposit today,” said Chiquita Hubbard on Thursday, smiling widely.

Hubbard, a mother of two from Newport News, told WAVY the pandemic had hit her household finances hard.

“I’m a nurse who would love to go back to work and work in the field, but I can’t because of childcare,” she said.

As part of the American Rescue Plan’s child tax break, she will now receive $ 500 a month for the remainder of the year.

“This extra money will allow me to take them to McDonald’s, take them to the upswing, and take them on little trips that, since I don’t make that much money, I can [wouldn’t] if I was employed, ”said Hubbard.

Congressman Bobby Scott (D-Newport News) said these payments, which go into the pockets of 39 million American households, will bring our children to success.

“To pay for childcare and other expenses that keep the economy going while building a better economy and better life for American families,” said Scott.

Not everyone agrees.

“If Democrats like Elaine Luria were really interested in helping families in Virginia, they would not be supporting runaway government spending and a socialist agenda that spiked inflation and made everyday goods more expensive for the citizens of Virginia,” said National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Camille Gallo told WAVY.

With help-seeker signs hanging in windows across the Commonwealth, others argue that the extra money won’t get the parents back to work – it will allow them to stay home.

“There is no evidence of this. Indeed, a study has shown that if you offer them some support, people are less likely to go back to work, ”said Scott.

Hubbard plans to work a little more now that she can afford a babysitter and gasoline, but still won’t be full-time.

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