TSR Coinz: Jeff Bezos Breaks Record & Adds $13B To His Massive Fortune In One Day!

If getting money was a person…According to @bloomberg, #JeffBezos got all the money, OH-Kay! The #Amazon business owner set a new record. On Monday, he added $13 billion to his already massive fortune, which brings his net worth to an estimated $189.3 billion. This is the largest net increase, since Bloomberg started tracking the richest people in 2012.

Bezos experienced the major increase in his net worth after Amazon stock surged during the day, thanks to a positive Wall Street forecast, according to CNBC. Based on reports, Amazon shares increased by 8% on Monday after an analyst from Goldman Sachs raised his price target for the e-commerce company.

Ooohhwweee! Talk ’bout being paid. The wold’s richest man, according to Forbes, has wealth tied to his more than 57 million shares of Amazon stock. Naturally when the company’s stock spiked so did his net worth, which essentially means he’s well on his way to become the world’s first billionaire. Something that probably would’ve already happened had it not been for his $40 billion divorce, from ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos, back in 2019.

Speaking of making the coinz! Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could become a trillionaire. As previously reported, his current growth rate is on pace to make him a trillionaire by 2036. He will be 51 years old.

Must be nice!

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