The first ever second mister! Meet Mr Harris, Kamala’s Jewish hot-shot lawyer husband Doug Emhoff who won her heart after texting her from Lakers game and proposed while ordering Thai food

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  • Doug Emhoff, 56, is set to become the first ever Second Gentleman

  • He has been married to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris for six years

  • Emoff is a successful entertainment lawyer who makes north of $1 million a year

  • He will be the first Jewish person in US history to be married to a President or Vice President  

  • Emoff and Harris began dating in 2013 after being set up on a blind date; they tied the knot the following year 

  • Emhoff has two adult children, Cole and Ella, from a previous marriage

  • The kids call Harris ‘Momala’ because they don’t like the term ‘stepmom’

  • Emhoff thinks Bradley Cooper should play him if a movie is made about his wife  

    Kamala Harris made history on Saturday, becoming the first woman to be elected as the Vice President of the United States. And her husband, Doug Emhoff, will now also have a place in the record books because he is set to serve as the first ever Second Gentlemen. Emoff, 56, will also be the Jewish person in American history to be married to a President or Vice President.


He celebrated Harris’ historic victory by wrapping her up in a warm embrace on Saturday morning, just minutes after news organizations called the election for her running mate, Joe Biden.

Emhoff shared a snap of the sweet moment to his Twitter account, and added the caption: ‘Proud of you’.

The couple, who are both aged 56, were set up on a blind date in 2013 and tied the knot the following year.

While Harris has had an illustrious career shattering several glass ceilings, Emhoff is a success story in his own right.

He works as a high-powered entertainment lawyer who brings home an annual salary north of $1 million


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