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The digital economy is the driving force and trend of the New Age

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital process of traditional retail. Before the pandemic, we researched tens of millions of small businesses in many cities, only about 20% of which were doing online marketing. they all started out with online digital communications, marketing and sales such as using SAAS software and selling things in their WeChat moments. “Mr. Dai also believed that digitization was key to future private business survival is. “The last two years have been extraordinary. China and the world has been profoundly challenged. But among all the uncertainties, digitization is the greatest opportunity that we are most certain of. In the past, digitization has only helped companies lead a better life; But today digitization is the key to a company’s survival. “

This was the second year in a row that Wetrade was invited to the World Internet Conference. At the Light of Internet Expo, Wetrade showcased its latest research and development of the groundbreaking YCloud system, successful partnership stories and technological achievements of its e-commerce SAAS services in the age of digital transformation. For example, Wetrade partner Best Goods in the Neighborhood presented its second generation of the Intelligent Fresh Rice Mill at the Expo, which has attracted a huge audience. Mainstream media including CCTV, BRTV, Global Times, People’s Daily, Economic Daily and China Business visited the company’s booth and interviewed executives and employees. Officials from the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission office also inspected Wetrade’s booth, praising the company’s efforts to help SMEs and micro-businesses with digital transformation.

Since its founding in 2019, Wetrade has been committed to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises in the digital transformation and in setting up the online-merge-offline (OMO) business mode. As of now, the YCloud system is embedded in a number of partner social e-commerce platforms including those of Zhiding, Yuetao, Best Goods in the Neighborhood, Daren, Zhongyanshangyue, Beijing Youth Travel Service, CCT, Laojin Beer Industries Micro Enterprises, Tourism, Hospitality, Short Video and Live Streaming, Medical Beauty, and Traditional Retail.

Wetrade recently signed a partnership agreement with a number of ticket agents at Universal Studio Beijing Resort. Under the agreement, Wetrade will provide ticket agents with SAAS services and customer acquisition support to help them sell nationwide tickets for the theme park.

About WeTrade Group Inc.

WeTrade Group Inc. is a leading technical service provider of SAAS and Cloud Intelligent System for small businesses and a groundbreaking internationalized system in the global micro-business cloud intelligence area and the market leader, innovator and promoter of the global cloud intelligent system for small businesses. The WeTrade Group independently developed the cloud-intelligent system for small businesses (abbreviation: YCloud). YCloud can strengthen user marketing relationship and CPS commission profit management through leading technology and big data analytics. It can also help improve payment scenarios to increase customer sales through multi-channel data statistics, AI cleavage and management, and an improved supply chain system. So far, YCloud’s business has successfully landed in mainland China and Hong Kong, spanning the micro-industry, tourism, hospitality, live streaming and short video, aesthetic medicine and traditional retail industries. Further information can be found at https://ir.wetg.group.

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