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Logistics is considered to be a leading indicator for the global economy

STOCKHOLM, Oct 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – GSB Gold Standard Pay KB: Josip Heit, as CEO of GSB Group, takes a look at the major ports of Ningbo-Zhoushan in China and The angel by doing United States of America These days, as around three percent of the world’s freight capacities are currently blocked on each and dozens of container ships are waiting to be processed. In addition, the freight volume in the Red Sea, the main trade route for maritime traffic between China and Europe, are currently 14 percent lower than in other years at this time.

Josip Heit logistics

Trust, trust, high performance, efficient, safe and precise, please also sustainable and, above all, economical – the logistics industry should be all of this, and yet the uncertainty among customers is greater than ever and transport costs are exploding.

The shortage of raw materials and intermediate products is slowing the German economy.

The ongoing traffic jams in front of the world’s most important container ports are also leading to stagnation in world trade, which is currently leading to a gigantic explosion in transport costs – especially between Asia and Europe – and even a tenfold increase in freight rates, which affects end consumers and entrepreneurs alike.

The GSB Group is currently also exposed to these problems with technological components. Josip Heit, who recently became CEO, fears his own website https://www.josipheit.com. In this context, he says that the German economy will grow less strongly than expected in the current year 2021.

Corresponding Josip Heit, the reactions to the logistics problems are very different. Some increase the storage capacity in Europe, others order preliminary products from several suppliers instead of from a single source. Still others relocate parts of the production, either closer to the sales markets or back to them Europe.

Josip Heit at the quay wall of Dortmund’s Inland port and sums up that trade wars, climate change and the coronavirus pandemic are events that will not go away tomorrow and will ultimately trigger structural changes. “Years ago, supply chains had to be cost-effective and efficient; today, reliability, quality and transparency count,” says Heit.

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“In the end, as bitter as it may sound, consumers will have to be prepared for the fact that the costs of the end products will rise, because ultimately the provision of goods is becoming more and more complex. This is where blockchain technology can come in. ”Of great benefit; this is to be considered in the future and to be prepared in the long term “, Josip Heit stressed.


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