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The black sheep! Meet the children of celebrities who have been in jail – CVBJ

It seems that her parents’ fame has thrown several young people off track as they consider themselves sacrosanct or even feel immune to the laws and authorities.

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However, their crimes, no matter how small or large, have occasionally seen them go to jail and put their parents’ careers and fame at risk.

Children of Juan Gabriel

It’s no secret that the family of the late singer and songwriter of Mexican descent, Juan Gabriel, has been featured in many scandals involving the law as the same interpreter was in jail in late 1960.

But now he’s one of the Mexican star’s children as he is Joan Gabriel Aguilera, who is allegedly arrested by US authorities after being charged with domestic violence.

Everything seems to indicate that the young man came home drunk, hit his brother 15 times, and then pushed his 65-year-old mother after he was told to leave.

The singer’s children were not spared from the scandal either. Photo: IG / el gordoylaflaca

But that wasn’t the singer-songwriter’s only son of songs like ?? Eternal love ?? and ?? Darling ?? They had come into conflict with the law after their eldest son Alberto had problems with marijuana and firearm possession more than once in 2011.

The eldest daughter of “Divo de Juárez” also had problems with the law. Photo: YouTube.

Son of Pepe Aguilar

Despite being one of the most important musical dynasties in the business, legal troubles have not spared the Aguilar family, and even the best families have the Negro en el arroz.

The young man was underage when he was arrested by US authorities. Photo: ..

Singer Ángela Aguilar’s older brother, José Emiliano, was arrested on the Mexico-US border in March 2017 when he tried to force four undocumented Chinese into the country in the trunk of his car.

Daughter of Richard Hilton

If anyone has seen their problems with the law glamorously, it is celebrity Paris Hilton, since she first experienced the bars for alcohol and drugs in 2007.

As heir to the Hilton empire, she also had her problems in prison. Photo:.

But the businessman’s eldest daughter did not understand this and was arrested in South Africa in 2010 for possession of marijuana, which is why she was refused entry to countries such as Japan because of her fame.

Son of Cantinflas

One of the highest exponents of comedy in Mexico was Mario Moreno ?? Cantinflas ?? because his fame and style not only led him to star in movies, but also as the only Mexican to sleep in the White House.

Both he and his wife Valentina could not have children of their own, but they decided to adopt Mario Moreno Ivanova.

Before his death in 2017, “Cantinflas’ son was in prison”. Photo:.

It was in 2003 when the comedian’s only son was taken to a Mexican prison where he was charged with embezzling a home valued at $ 9,500.

Jackie Chan’s son

The action movie star also grappled with her son’s troubles when Jaycee Chan was arrested with a friend in 2014 for using marijuana at their home in China.

It is worth noting that such problems were quite large, since the crime in this country would have resulted in the death penalty; However, the actor managed to get his lawyers to six months in prison and promised to behave better than ever.

the young man had to return to his mother’s house to avoid the death penalty. Photo:.

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