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‘Set healthy boundaries’: Life coach Myke Celis tells celebrities experiencing social media anxiety

Jan Milo Severo – Philstar.com

August 28, 2021 | 11:02 am

MANILA, Philippines – Celebrity life coach Myke Celis believed that contrary to popular belief, celebrities don’t have everything easy.

In an interview with Philstar.comMyke said that celebrities who have tons of followers and fans getting everything they want isn’t exactly the case. Privacy is elusive for one when you are a public figure and every move you make is being scrutinized.

No wonder some of the country’s best-known celebrities and influencers deal with public pressure and become highly anxious and stressed in the process.

The bestselling author gave advice to celebrities who fear social media.

“As the saying goes in the movie, with great power comes great responsibility. Being a celebrity or an influencer gives you just that. Everyone needs to be able to accept the good and bad that comes with their status. It’s part of the job. ”Called Myke.

“While celebrities have voluntarily or involuntarily given the public permission to peek into their lives, the important thing here is that they filter out what they allow in their lives. You can’t prevent people from getting into their careers and personal matters, but they “are in control of what they can observe and allow in their room,” he added.

According to Myke, celebrities need to set healthy boundaries by being conscious of what they consume on social media and what they post as well.

“Think about it first: what is the value of sharing this experience on my account? The value I get from reading their negative comments? You set healthy limits. Remember, if you don’t let them in your room, they cannot affect you. Your peace of mind is far more priceless, “he said.

He added that recognizing the importance of your mental health over the fear of being beaten up or canceled is also important.

“More than celebrity status, mental health at the end of the day is more important. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by a lot of things going on around you or even inside you, seek help whether a psychologist, psychiatrist, or coach who can help you process your thoughts and manage your emotions. Success becomes meaningless if you are mentally and emotionally unable to enjoy it. Don’t think too much about what timing you really need. “

“When your mental health and happiness are at stake, neither a lot of likes nor a lot of followers can compensate for both. Allow yourself to step back and give yourself what is due: the time and space to get out of the spotlight step and go on the journey to be mentally and emotionally fit when you step back into the spotlight. Just allow yourself to be, to do the things you love and to be with people who bring out the best in you, while privately handling your anxiety and stress, you can responsibly influence others to respond to their mental health by starting with yourself, “he added.

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