Saharan Dust from Africa is on its way to the US

Saharan dust will stretch toward the US, putting the hurricane season on pause

Its many thanks to a important area of Saharan Dust observed in satellite imagery blowing off the west coast of Africa.

Forecasting products show the dust going throughout the tropics — the primary places of tropical improvement — and into the Gulf of Mexico by this time next week.

That implies it will travel about 5,000 miles, suggests CNN meteorologist Haley Brink.

“Massive plumes of Saharan Dust routinely keep track of into the Atlantic Ocean from late spring into early drop,” she says. “Each and every so generally, when the dust plume is substantial plenty of and trade winds set up just correct, the dust can journey 1000’s of miles across the Atlantic and into the US.”

However the dust is a obvious indicator there will be small to no tropical enhancement, it isn’t the primary reason why a tropical procedure will not type when it is current.

“The dust is the seen element of the diminished tropical growth probable location,” clarifies CNN meteorologist Chad Myers. “It is the dry air and extra vertical wind shear together with the dust that are the driving aspects in limiting tropical storm advancement.”

Vertical wind shear is the modify of wind pace and way with height. For a hurricane to type, it desires minor to no wind shear and a really moist atmosphere.

So, for the next 7 days, don’t be expecting the Atlantic to see it’s fourth named storm. Alternatively, by this time up coming 7 days, persons living and visiting the Caribbean and Gulf Coastline seashores will be in for some stunning sunrises and sunsets.

When dust like this travels throughout the ocean, “the dust particles significant up in the atmosphere can scatter daylight and generate some of the most vivid sunsets,” Brink claims.