Tammy and Paul

Tammy and Paul

Tammy Meyer, of Mantua Ohio, Today Named In Facebook Post Of Gratitude By Her Favorite Brother, Terry Power

Terry Power, of Greensboro NC has regularly posted on his Facebook page about his gratitude every November and today was no exception. In his post today, he shares his gratitude for his sister Tammy, mentioning both her sense of humor and inner strength. Tammy lives in Northeastern Oho with her husband Paul. Together they’ve raised two Navy veterans, Bailey, a Baltimore polyglot, and Riley a recently discharged South Carolinian.

Terry has mention a few of his family already this month in posts but had yet to turn his thanks toward Tammy, so her anticipation had been building as we race toward the end of this month.

Perhaps being born on April Fools’ Day has made it so easy for her often infectious laughter to start, or maybe it was knowing she’d be made fun of once a year. When the family gathers they know Tammy will supply plenty oh humor.

Tammy has introduced Terry to a number of novels and to the TV show 8 Out of 10 Cats, which alone puts her in his debt.

As sisters go, she is one of Terry’s favorites (top four for sure) and she seems to have learned that there is much in life not worth taking too seriously.

At last, Tammy has gotten her day in the subtle spotlight that Terry’s posts cast.

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