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Sadie Frost looks back on “serious” postpartum depression | Celebrities

Sadie Frost suffered from “very severe” postpartum depression after the birth of Jude Law’s child.

The 56-year-old fashion designer married an actor between 1997 and 2003 and the couple are Rafferty, 24, Iris, 20 and Rudy, 19, who share their children, but the children. It turned out that the child’s closeness had a negative effect on her psyche. Bless you.

Sadie said on a The Moments That Made Me podcast with Roxie Nafousi, When my whole world got into caving and it was scary every day for a few years. “

The actress and fashion designer stated that the experience helped her understand the “big picture” by teaching her not to “damage” the importance of her mental health.

Sadie said, “I fought really hard. It taught me one thing. It hasn’t harmed my sanity, confidence, or self-esteem. I was compassionate and able to understand the big picture. “

Sadie, who shares her son Finley with Spandau Ballet star Gary Kemp, believes the fight against postpartum depression has “shaped” her to this day.

She explains: .. For me it shaped me today. “

Sadie added, “There is always something that can leave you on the edge or after trauma. You are an easily broken, damaged person and never fully repaired. I’m all take, my mental health is serious. “

Sadie Frost will appear in the latest episode of The Moments That Made Me starring Roxie Nafousi on Wednesday September 15, 2021. “The Moments That Made Me” is a production by Create Podcasts.

Sadie Frost looks back on “severe” postpartum depression | Celebrities

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