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All the celebrities who are studying at your UK uni this year

Sorry, but imagine walking into the hallways and watching Gordon Ramsay move in his daughter

When you come to university, you will meet people from all walks of life. You expect to have class, roommate, and tinder matches from around the world and learn from each individual’s different life experiences. But what you probably don’t expect is to go to your first seminar of the college year and see real celebrities sitting there.

From stars of reality shows like The Apprentice and Love Island to TikTok stars with millions of followers, it turns out there are quite a number of celebs and big influencers at UK universities right now. One of them even does Strictly Come Dancing next to her first term!

Here are all the famous faces you could spot on your varsity campus, whether they are influencers knocking down VKs in the SU or celebrities drinking coffee in the library:

Lottie the Lion – Bristol

Lottie Lion from The Apprentice just started studying law in Bristol. Lottie announced the news to her Instagram followers, saying that moving to Bristol University was a “big change of direction” for her, but a goal of which she was “really proud”. In 2019, Lottie reached the top five on The Apprentice at the age of just 19. She has now bought a house in Bristol so will not live in hallways.

Tilly Ramsay

via Instagram @tillyramsay

If you didn’t know, Tilly is the daughter of Gordon Ramsay and Koch, an influencer and CBBC host. Tilly Ramsay hasn’t confirmed where she is at college, but we know she’s just getting started and doing it alongside her Strictly Come Dancing training.

On Saturday night’s show, it was strictly confirmed that 19-year-old Tilly had just finished her first week at college. Imagine if you had the energy to do all of these during Fresher’s Week.

Liberty Poole – Birmingham City

via Instagram @libertypoolex

The queen of this year’s Love Island, Liberty is studying Marketing in Birmingham City. It started in 2019 and will apparently be ready in 2023. A true legend, Liberty’s LinkedIn profile, says it is “aiming for a first.”

Max Balegde – Newcastle

The funniest man on your For You page, Max Balegde, has 1.4 million TikTok followers and a company called Big Fat Merch that sells clothing, tote bags, and other products. Commenting on one of his videos, Newcastle student Max said he did an internship year last year and is now back at college to finish his senior year.

Ruby Granger – Exeter

Celebrities at the university

via Instagram @_rubygrager

Studytuber and influencer Ruby Granger is an English speaking student in Exeter last year. After originally studying philosophy in Exeter, Ruby switched courses at the end of her freshman year. She has over 670,000 subscribers on YouTube and 162,000 Instagram followers. Fun fact – Ruby’s middle name isn’t exactly Granger, she borrowed it from Harry Potter character Hermione.

Ramona Marquez – Manchester

If you imagine her slit eyebrow and blonde curly hair, you will find that Ramona Marquez is none other than Karen from Outnumbered. She is vegan, has a lot of tattoos and looks like a walking depop advertisement. Ramona is studying Spanish and Mandarin in Manchester, where she started in 2019 – now in her third year.

Lidia Baylis-Zullo – Manchester

Influencer Lidia Baylis-Zullo is entering her sophomore year studying history in Manchester, where she lives in a boujee apartment. She has 133,000 followers on Instagram. Her sister Cinzia is also an influencer who runs the podcast The Girls’ Bathroom with her friend Sophia Tuxford.

Grace Keeling (aka gkbarry) – Nottingham Trent

Celebrities at the university

via Instagram @gkbarryx

TikToker Grace Keeling (aka gkbarry) has 1.3 million followers and has just started a Masters in Digital Marketing in Nottingham Trent. She also got her bachelor’s degree in Trent and graduated 2-1 in movies that summer, according to her LinkedIn.

Nayna Florence Patel – Edinburgh

via Instagram @naynaflorenz

Influencer and podcaster Nayna has just started her fourth and final year in Edinburgh studying economics. Nayna has 112k followers on Instagram and 254k on YouTube, and she’s SO vibed – you definitely follow her. She is vegan, loves sustainable fashion and has just launched a jewelry collection.

Woody Cook – Bristol

Celebrities at the university

via Instagram @woody_cook

Woody Cook, the 20-year-old son of Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim, started out in Bristol in 2020. Woody was on The Circle back in 2019 and has since performed on Celebrity Gogglebox with his mother. It is not yet known if he will appear on the show with his Bristol roommates.

Eve Bennett – Oxford

Studytuber Eve has just started her final year in Spanish and German at Oxford where she is at Lady Margaret Hall. She has nearly 240,000 subscribers on YouTube and 111,000 on Instagram. In YouTube videos, Eve was honest about dealing with mental health at university, sharing days in her life, and documenting her year abroad during a pandemic.

Lydia Violeta – Leeds

Celebrities at the university

via Instagram @lydiavioleta_

The 20-year-old influencer Lydia is studying business administration in Leeds, but is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen. She shares university tips and vlogs about her studies as well as travel and lifestyle content. Lydia has 223,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Aoife Mcmorrow (aka mamaaoife) – Lincoln

You probably know Lincoln student Aoife from your FYP – she’s a popular TikToker with nearly 300,000 followers on her @mamaaoife account. She previously spoke to The Lincoln Tab about maintaining her social media accounts while she was a college student and said, “It has definitely impacted my mental health on a few occasions because I didn’t feel like I was down time, but it did I started. I put myself first and didn’t remember a set of views or a task worth sacrificing my well-being. “

Featured image via Instagram @max_balegde @naynaflorenz @libertypoolex

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