Rachel Maddow convinces some to cancel vacation plans due to pandemic

Rachel Maddow convinces some to cancel vacation plans due to pandemic

Rachel Maddow got unusually personal in the aftermath of her MSNBC show on Thursday, explaining that her partner, Susan Mikula, aged 20+, is recovering from a case of COVID-19 that she thought might kill her. Maddow asked viewers to reconsider their vacation plans to protect those they love.

“Whatever you do, however you have calibrated the risk in your life, you don’t understand this thing. Do whatever you can to prevent you from getting it, ”said Maddow from a secluded spot upstairs on her show. “For Thanksgiving next week, you really need to have it at home with no people coming. And yes, that will suck, but that will suck so much less than you or someone in your family who gets this and gets sick. Trust me. “

Maddow’s message reached at least some of her viewers, who said they changed their plans after her open message.

“Your request to ponder the people we love got me to my senses,” one person tweeted.

@maddow Thank you for sharing your story. You helped me make a difficult decision to cancel my planned trip home. I knew it was right in my heart, but selfishly resisted. Your request to think about the people we love brought me to my senses.

– Corinne Corley (@momugwump) November 20, 2020

I had planned a trip from LA to NY to see my family for Thanksgiving, but our testimony had such an impact and resonance that I immediately canceled the trip. Hard decision but necessary. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Hopefully it saved some lives. Maybe even my own.

– George Heller (@HellerGeorge) November 20, 2020

@maddow recalibrated our acceptable risk calculation. Canceled our Christmas travel plans. I am not ready to lose my planet or my parents. Many thanks.

– Kirsten Watson (@KWatson_MDUSD) November 20, 2020

Another, actress and comedian Judy Gold, said she canceled a trip to New Orleans to see her son play his first basketball game of the season at Tulane University. She hasn’t seen him since June, she noticed.

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Some viewers said they had already canceled trips but Maddow had given them confidence in their choice.

For many years I have spent Thanksgiving with my dear cousin and other loved ones. Today I decided to cancel my travel plans. @Maddow just convinced me I made the right decision.
Thank you so much!

– David S🚘🏳️‍🌈 (@ savage714) November 20, 2020

I have a pregnant daughter who lives in Western Mass. We decided last week to cancel all T-Day plans. Rachel’s request has just confirmed that we are doing the right thing.

– LadyVeteranforBiden / Harris (@ deb3ms) November 20, 2020

The Nov. 19 show was Maddow’s first since Nov. 6 as she was quarantined by Mikula alone.

“My relationship with Susan is the only thing I would kill or die for at the end of the day without hesitation,” Maddow said. “And Susan has had COVID in the past few weeks. At one point we really thought there was some way it could kill her, and that’s why I was gone. “

Maddow said she continued to test negative while she was isolated.

“[Susan’s] During that time, not only was she positive, she also got sick and sick as I tried to take care of her while still physically staying away from her, ”Maddow said. “And the bottom line is she’ll be fine. She is recovering. She is still sick, but she will be fine and we are no longer afraid like we are. But it didn’t feel like it was going well from the start. “

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