Prince Harry writes to Ghanaian veteran to congratulate him for fundraising efforts

Prince Harry writes to Ghanaian veteran to congratulate him for fundraising endeavours

Prince Harry applauded the veteran for having up the arduous process for a superior lead to.

“Even at ’95 decades young’ I visualize it was not an simple task,” he wrote in the letter to Hammond and which was witnessed by CNN.

“Having said that, specified the services and selflessness you have shown throughout your existence, it does not surprise me that you would just take on a challenge these types of as this — and that you wished to stroll even more miles. As you stated on your own, it is incredible!”

“He’s a veteran and I am a veteran. I sat quietly and believed in excess of … his achievements and believed why not, if he has carried out it in Britain, at 95 decades outdated, I can do it myself,” he informed CNN at the time.

Both equally Hammond and Moore fought in Myanmar, then known as Burma in World War II.
Hammond states he served as a mechanic in the army in which he was attached to the 3rd Gold Coast regiment as an infantryman, preventing along with the British army.

Prince Harry praised equally veterans whose achievements, he mentioned had set a “great illustration to the globe” on the worth of service to one’s neighborhood.

Very last 12 months, through a celebration for Commonwealth soldiers in the United kingdom, Hammond met with the Queen and members of the Royal Relatives, which includes Prince Harry whom he took a liking to.
”This gentleman especially, Prince Harry, I glued myself to him because he is also a soldier, he is been to Afghanistan, and we spoke about the navy, my battalion. We exchanged tips. It was wonderful,” he informed CNN.

Recalling the meeting, Prince Harry reported in his letter that it was “an honor and a pleasure” to meet with the veteran. 
”It was an honour and a enjoyment to meet you at the Field of Remembrance in London final yr, and Meghan and I send you our warmest needs,” he included.