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Oklahoma Boxing Champ shares sports with Tulsa Kids

A Green Country boxing champion brings her favorite sport to Tulsa kids.

She said boxing saved her life and this was her way of doing good for the community.

“Boxing changed my life. It saved me from trouble, and when I listened to coach, he showed me what can happen when you do good, not just in my gym but in life,” said Cheyenne McKinney , Owner of Cheyenne’s Boxing Gym Inc.

Seventeen years young and boxing raged in McKinney’s life.

“I was in high school. I was visiting Booker T. Washington here in Tulsa at the time, and I was 17,” McKinney said. “I lost my grandfather in the summer before school was due to start.”

She raised her son Marcellus McKinney Sr. and mother Glenda McKinney. Eventually boxing coach Keith Reed stepped into her life and boxing came soon afterwards.

“If you want to box for me, you have to do it for school, for your mother, for your home. If you don’t, you can’t come to my gym,” said McKinney of Reed’s expectations. “I loved it! I’ve started to surpass everything. “

At the end of her freshman year, she became a champion boxer.

“I had so much to prove because I’m a girl in a boys sport. I’m the only girl on the team,” said McKinney.

“What do you see when you look at this picture?” asked News On 6 reporter Sawyer Buccy.

“I see someone who is totally dedicated and doesn’t quite understand the path they’re taking,” McKinney said.

In 2019 she opened Cheyenne’s Boxing Gym. She travels to gyms across the community and brings the tools boxing gave her to the Tulsa kids.

“Discipline. Respect. Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. Your elders come first. School. Those are the things I preach because I’ve lived by them,” McKinney said.

Once a student gets in McKinney’s way, that student becomes family. Sometimes their income goes straight back to their students, helping them out with bills or food, which can make them tight on finances.

But she doesn’t mind. Her mission is for her students to put on their gloves and step into their power.

You can find Cheyennes Boxing Gym on Facebook here.

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