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Celebrities You Forgot Used to Date – SheKnows

We’d like to thank Cher and Val Kilmer for recently reminding us that they were together in the early 1980s. Even when they were 14 years old, the couple fell “madly” in love and have remained friends to this day. “He’s like no one I’ve ever known,” Cher told People. “He’s angry and hysterical. Exciting and funny and doesn’t do what others do. “

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That got us thinking, who else did we forget in the archives of gossip dating history? It’s pretty common for two beautiful actors to meet on set, so often these unusual couples got together in the first place. Do you remember Janet Jackson and Matthew McConaughey and their romance? We sure don’t – and the two seem to have different versions of what exactly happened. And we completely forgot about the Cruz-Cruise relationship (aka Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise) in the years after Kidman.

So sit back and reminisce about the couples who once called each other “bae” or maybe boyfriend and girlfriend … or maybe it was just a casual time together. Anyway, Hollywood rarely forgets because the paparazzi often caught these infamous duos together. Let’s take a look at these long-forgotten famous duos.

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