Mel Gibson Confirms There Will Be A Lethal Weapon 5

Mel Gibson has confirmed that a fifth film in his blockbuster “Lethal Weapon” franchise is happening with filmmaker Richard Donner returning as director.

During an appearance on “Good Morning America”, the 64-year-old actor said Donner is working on a new movie in the action franchise, which will see him and Danny Glover reprise their roles as LA detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, respectively.

Asked if the movie is happening, Gibson said: “Yeah! No absolutely.”

“And the man who was behind all that – the man who brought it to the screen and gave it the goodies is working on it right now: Richard Donner. He is a legend,” he added.

Earlier this year, Dan Lin, one of the producers on the ”Lethal Weapon” TV series, had revealed that he and Donner were working on reviving the action buddy cop series, over two decades years after the release of “Lethal Weapon 4”.

Since a Lethal Weapon movie hasn’t released in over twenty years, there’s always been a healthy dose of skepticism from fans that a Lethal Weapon 5 would actually happen. Of course, there’s always hope in the air that perhaps Richard Donner, Mel Gibson, and Danny Glover will have one last ride. Now, Mel Gibson gave Good Morning America an update when asked if it’s possible there will be a Lethal Weapon 5:

Dan Lin shared the news earlier this year that Lethal Weapon 5 would most likely be “the last” entry in the film franchise.

“The story itself is very personal to him, and it’s just amazing,” the producer told The Hollywood Reporter in January. “The original cast is coming back. Mel and Danny are ready to go, so it’s about the script.”

Lethal Weapon 4 was released all the way back in 1998, and added Chris Rock to the ensemble cast.

A spin-off TV series, recasting the roles of Riggs and Murtaugh with Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans, aired for three seasons on Fox in the US.

The show was ultimately cancelled when Seann William Scott replaced Crawford, after the Riggs actor had a highly-publicized falling out with co-stars and the Lethal Weapon creative team.

There’s still a chance we could get a Lethal Weapon 5 and director Richard Donner is trying to make it happen. So, now it seems to be more a question of when rather than if because time isn’t exactly on their side. This is very exciting news for the generations of fans.

Mel Gibson’s not the only one to confirm Lethal Weapon 5 is happening. Earlier this year producer Dan Lin said they’re actively trying to make it with Richard Donner, Mel Gibson, and Danny Glover all coming back for it. But it sounds like the story is what’s holding things up.