Lonnie Walker: NBA player reveals he was sexually abused at a young age

Lonnie Walker: NBA participant reveals he was sexually abused at a younger age

On Thursday in an Instagram publish, Walker revealed that he was sexually abused when he was youthful.

“The real real truth as to why I started undertaking this early 5th quality, it was a cloaking gadget for me,” Walker explained.

“Throughout the summer months of my 5th grade year I was close to additional relatives. Some that names will be remaining on your own I was about much more. I was sexually harassed, raped, abused, I even received accustomed to it for the reason that getting at that age you you should not know what is what,” Walker wrote.

He mentioned he “had a frame of mind that my hair was some thing that I can control. My hair was what I can make and generate and be mine. And it gave my confidence.”

Walker continued, indicating that he hasn’t been at his greatest these days and lately began to “really glimpse at myself in the mirror.”

“Very long story quick I have identified peace and interior pleasure as a result of this journey god willingly. I forgave all people even the people today that will not should have it why? Mainly because it is really useless body weight. Time would not wait around on anybody so why need to I squander my time on it ?”

Walker mentioned shedding his hair was additional than just a haircut, calling his hair a mask to hide insecurities.

“Out with aged. In with the new. I have shed my skin mentally, emotionally, bodily, and spiritually,” he wrote. “Life will normally be difficult. Gotta engage in with the cards your dealt with and try and make a winning hand. And if you shed. It can be never a (reduction). It is really a lesson.”