KeKe Palmer Offers Advice To Those Who Use Lemon Water For Health Benefits—“That Lemon Water Ain’t Doing Nothing”

Roommates, KeKe Palmer is well-known for keeping it real with her fans and holding nothing back—including giving them unfiltered health advice. KeKe recently took to her Twitter account to let her followers know that the lemon water they love so much, really isn’t doing much at all.

Part of the reason that KeKe Palmer’s fans love her so much is because she offers funny, realistic and unfiltered commentary on a variety of life’s topics. In her latest opinion, KeKe posted a tweet letting her followers know that they need to be informed regarding the true reality of drinking daily lemon water.

KeKe posted the following tweet, writing:

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but that lemon water ain’t doing nothing.”

In case you didn’t know, lemon water is highly recommended by both medical and health experts as a method of cleansing the inside of the body to help with clear skin, weight loss and detoxing.

Unsurprisingly, the response to KeKe’s tweet was mixed, with many on her side, while others firmly disputed her claims and suggested that she should stick to the entertainment industry and leave the health advice to the professionals.

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#KekePalmer said she’s gonna keep telling it like it is!!

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Meanwhile, late last month KeKe Palmer had to defend herself against critics who dragged her for praising Tyler Perry. She responded to the criticism, writing:

“I love Tyler Perry. Period. He has inspired me so hate on him if y’all want but he’s done incredible things and literally came from NOTHING. His movies triple what they were made for and he HAS HIS OWN LOT. This social media trend of trying to literally criticize everyone to the bone is not fun nor cute. People aren’t perfect, you’re never gonna like ALL of everything. NEVER. You don’t have to throw out the baby with the bathwater. You can like some things about someone and dislike others, it’s possible for someone to be flawed and still be beloved. And in pure Virgo fashion. I don’t care if you disagree because you don’t exist.”

As of right now, KeKe hasn’t responded to her latest round of criticism.

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